Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tour de Dope

I used to greatly admire the Tour de France event and it's storied champions.

Now I think the event and the sport are a joke.

It has come down to the riders who finish in the top 10 or so getting tested for various banned performance enhancing substances and the one who is able to beat the tests gets the crown. Pretty pathetic. Congrats to Spain's Carlos Sastre- you have either won or fooled the drug testers, probably impossible to know which.

I'm not looking forward to the Olympics either. It's clear that athletes are way ahead of the various testing systems that are in place. It's all dirty any more.

Bah humbug.


Frontier Forest said...

Every time I see or read a commercial about some painkiller the professing atheist, Lance Armstrong is promoting, I feel a greater pain for his lost soul.
I pray I am wrong, but I have a real bad feeling about the upcoming Olympics.

GUNNY said...

I'm more apathetic toward the Olympics than I ever have been.

Perhaps this is a key contributor.