Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacation Preparation

The Brothers Felich fishin'

Jordan with one of his sunfish catches. He calls them "sunnies".

Nico with one of his little frogs. He'd prefer catching frogs and turtles over fishing.
AJ with his bass. It was a good sized fish, the picture doesn't show it well.

My Dad with his grandsons. Great fishing expedition.

I am generally high strung and therefore not too great at relaxing. Each year we take a family "vacation" for a week in the summer. We used to go back to Western New York to see my parents, but now they live 1.5 miles away, so we chose to go to Colorado for the first time last year. We had a great week so we decided to go back this year. We leave this Saturday.

While we had a wonderful experience last year, I found it hard to relax for the first couple days. I was stressed not having my cell phone or any ability to check my email, blog, etc. My mind would race at times, down time felt like I should be doing something work/ministry related. It's my fault, I know, but I'm just saying. By Wednesday of the week, I was starting to chill out and get in to actual vacation mode...but that meant less than 4 days of a relaxing vacation time.

So, in light of this relaxation dysfunction, I decided to use more vacation time and take off starting today (Wednesday) as a way of preparing to relax while in Colorado for the whole of next week. How's that for a brilliant plan? Now, I don't consider these days as genuine vacation time because as long as I am in town, I'll get calls, be tempted to check email, blog a bit, and still feel like I'm not on vacation, so I call these few days "vacation preparation". I'm sort of easing out of my usual lifestyle and in to the change of scenery and schedule that awaits in Colorado.

As today's vacation preparation activity I took my Dad and sons out to a friend's cattle pasture pond to fish. We had a blast. The boys caught something like 25 sunfish, two frogs, and a nice sized bass. Awesome boy stuff.


Frontier Forest said...

What joy must overflow in the hearts and minds of your beloved mom and dad! The joy of experiencing all kinds of huge fun, along side of the precious grandkids has to be just a tiny taste of what heaven will be like. The picture of such a grand and loving Tony Sr., standing next to the “Boy’s Felich”, makes me too excited about taking 4 of our 8 grand kids to Angel Fire, New Mexico. Nothing like clearing the mind, breathing in a blessed week of clean mountain air. Our daughters Kimberly and Kelley will be going with us. And I too will be taking the kids trout fishing every morning! I have vowed to the Lord, “This will be the GRANDKIDS vacation, not mine! I will do what they want and if that means doing something that isn’t really appealing to me, I will show great enthusiasm anyway!”
Tony, for you and all the readers, here is a great family vacation idea! My daughter Kelley has something planned that I know will be great fun! The idea was taken from the fabulous family movie, “Dan in Real Life”. (If you havn’t seen this movie, it is a must rent!) The last night in Angel Fire, we are going to have a talent show, wnd everyone has to participate! Kelley has made a bunch of paper hand puppets and already got a script and a part for old grandpa and grandma Woody’s to play.
Tony, may you Shari and your blessed boys laugh until your sides ach and may your entire family fall in love with Jesus ever more.

Phantom495 said...

Dude, that is the best pond for shooting ducks and geese too! I am glad you and the boys had a great time! Have fun in Colorado!

jeff said...

Hey! nice fish!

We just got back from our family getaway, where my 2 oldest caught their first fish. It was great! I'll post about it in the next couple days.

Anyway, enjoy your vacation! Have a blessed, restful time with family, and remember that God will be watching over everything that you're tempted to check on! Colorado is such a gorgeous place to be! I've been all over from Boulder/Denver area down to Montrose, Durango, etc. God Bless you all!