Monday, August 11, 2008

Canine separation anxiety

Another great reason not to have a dog. Check out the fun time this dog owner has leaving his house.


Anonymous said...

number one, the guy has obviously not spent any time with the dog training it.

number two, it is a good chance he hasn't spent much time with it at all.

number three, if a dog that size is locked in his house for any length of time and not in a yard that he can run in he deserves the destruction that will happen inside.

bottom line, it looks like the guy is an idiot, not the dog, for all of the reasons above.

Just because it is cute as a puppy doesn't mean you have what it takes to raise and train it to be "man's best friend".


Frontier Forest said...

As the Master loves, cares for and trains us, with much discipline, HE never leaves us nor will HE ever forsake us. Even in a dogs life, it’s all about obedience!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, but in a dog's life (as in ours), it is all based first and fully on the un-merited favor, choosing and discipline of the master. Without those things the dog has no hope of ever being obedient, loving or of any value. Without the masters care it will very quickly revert into a wild and dangerous beast that it is.