Sunday, August 17, 2008

A couple follow up questions I wanted to ask...

The recent "interview" with John McCain and Barack Obama by Rick "purpose driven" Warren was a cultural spectacle for sure. I'm still processing the event and need to listen again before analyzing in blog form.

Two statements by the candidates did cause an immediate reaction in my thinking and I wanted very badly to follow up on them.

Obama's statement regarding when human rights begin-

"Whether you're looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective... answering that question with specificity is above my pay grade."

My response: Are you serious Barack? You want us to put you in the most powerful position in the world and you can't tell what a baby is? Seriously? You are asking America to give you final say over whether "the button" should be pressed but you can't discern when life begins? I'm not even asking you to say life begins at conception (though it clearly does), is it a baby in the third trimester when you still advocate allowing doctors to "terminate" it? Have you seen a baby just weeks before it's due date? Come on Barack! What a total cop out.

McCain's statement regarding when human rights begin-

"At conception"

My response: That's good John, thanks. But why do you support embryonic stem cell research then? Is political expedience the reason you oppose abortion but support embryonic stem cell research? What other decisions do you make on the basis of political expedience?


Qayaq said...

I watched that forum and wondered if you would post on it.

First of all, Obama seemed to stutter and stammer around a lot without a teleprompter I am guessing this is either because he is hollow on the inside and has nothing to say or he is afraid to say what he really believes. It was like he was reading from a cue card when he answered the question on salvation.

Second, McCain answered all the questions "correctly" but I wonder how truthful he was, if he was genuine.

If anything I do feel better about voting for the lesser of two evils.

Reepicheep said...

I agree with you.

Zach said...

Yep, I'm not going to enjoy voting for McCain one bit, but as long as he doesn't do something really stupid between now and November (like name Lieberman as his running mate), I suppose I will.

I thought his answers to Warren's questions sounded very rehearsed, but at least he sounded like he had actually thought about the issues. Obama's inane ramblings on abortion (among other issues) revealed a real lack of moral depth.

grj said...

I, too, was left with amazement at the statement by Obama that determining when life begins is "above his paygrade"...I was also amazed at the blatent lie that "abortions have not declined under the Bush administration".

My hope is that embryonic stem cells will not be used much longer as adult stem cells are the ones that are helping in research...and that McCains position will change on this issue...

May God Himself cause Obama to trip over his own lies to the extent that his radical position on killing babies is revealed to the voters and is unable to be denied by our liberal (often Godless) media. amen

Frontier Forest said...

I didn’t see it. Not because I didn’t want to, but because my dear wife wouldn’t allow it. She new my blood pressure and anxiety level would shoot through the roof! I pray McCain will choose a running mate that stands for life! If he picks a “Pro-Death” candidate, God’s hands of enduring mercy upon our nation … may or will, soon be lifted?

Roger Mann said...

My initial reaction to Barack’s answer as to when life begins was to yell at the TV, “Then wanting to be our President is above your pay grade too!” (Yes, I’m one of those verbally undisciplined people who constantly interrupts the TV to provide my own commentary, which REALLY irks my wife!) But overall my opinion of McCain has risen a few notches. Obama was pathetic. His primary goal seemed to be an attempt to straddle the fence on every controversial issue (to the best of his ability), and to sound as politically correct as possible.

At least McCain came across with conviction, confidence, and competence. Even though I disagree with McCain on a number of issues, I can at least respect the man for standing his ground and coming across as someone who can make decisive decisions when needed. After watching that “interview” I cannot see how anyone can think that Obama would be a better leader for our country and commander-in-chief over our armed forces.

Rick Calohan said...

Because of our moving into our new house, Comcast inability to install and reinstall our cable/internet/phone and the death of our 17-year-old cat Kudo last night, I was not able to respond sooner.

Well, I did not see the debate, and I did not need too, I know that these two pandering artist who hedge their bets on political expediency were only there just to woo the crowd. We knew the whole thing is a farce when Time Magazine and CNN anoint Rick “Saddleback” Warren as Evangelical Laureate.

Tony your analysis of the Q&A is top notch, and dead on, I could not say or write it better myself truly demonstrating to me, to your flock, and your readership that you truly have talent on loan from God.

I just wish McCain would pander to the conservatives, but you know the saying wish in one hand….