Monday, August 11, 2008


The U.S. men's Olympic swim team scored an unbelievable victory in the 400 freestyle relay. Some are already dubbing the victory "one of the great comebacks in Olympic history."

I'm sure you'll see the replays for years to come.

Still, not to continue my bah humbug ways, but I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear if any of the athletes test positive for some kind of performance enhancers. If it doesn't come out during the Olympics, since the testing technology is clearly behind the curve, will we find out years later?

Will the joy of victory felt today be proved empty by some future admission or discovery? I have to admit, I'm jaded about sports today. It stinks. I wish I could enjoy the Olympics with no suspicions. I envy those who are soaking in the games with great delight. When Mark McGwire "broke" Roger Maris' home run record, I remember actually shedding a tear. When it became pretty clear McGwire was a juicer, I felt pretty foolish being so happy for such a "feat". More recently in the Roger Clemens debacle I again wanted to believe the best, however it is clear the worst is most likely the case. So much for the thrills I experienced watching the "Rocket" pitch memorable games in pinstripes. The Olympics are even more difficult to discern. So many individual athletes with their own coaches and sponsorships. The margin of victory for many Olympic sports is determined by hundredths of seconds instead of goals or baskets. Tons of pressure and money on the line for amateurs trying to justify there life long training regiments. The Marion Jones revelation was another case of great national pride watching her win all those medals back in Sydney only to find out we'd been fooled...again. The list goes on.
Being a sports fan today and experiencing the exhilaration of your favorite team or individuals great play or victory, then finding out later it was accomplished by cheating is a terrible feeling. It reminds me of the poor souls in the Matrix movies. They thought they were living real lives experiencing actual emotions and senses. In reality, it was all a big facade. They were nothing more than manipulated puppets given illusions and dreams to keep them alive so that others could profit from them.

Man do I hope Phelps and co. are clean. I have to admit, I'm leery.


GUNNY said...

For the record, Mark McGwire was never found guilty of anything other than suspicion and massive guns.

But, hey, I'm not here to talk about the past.


Frontier Forest said...

Maybe not as dramatic as the 1980, American victory over the Ruski’s in ice hockey, but for sure, every American is proud of these 4 great athletes. Indeed, these young men seem like All American guys my grandmother would be proud of. And it was great to see Phelps be the first to step from the victory platform, reaching over with a peace offering handshake to the French loud mouths. Call me na├»ve, but I believe these Fabulous Four will be found clean and not wanting. Never before have I cared much about the Olympics but sure glad I watched this epic unfold!

Mikey said...

Might have been worth it just to see the look on the Frenchies faces.

Rick Calohan said...

Recalling Olympic past from Munich 1972 to the present, I must say that performance-enhancing drugs are destroying the spirit of the games. However, I am willing to give this current crop the benefit of the doubt, and presume they are innocent until proven guilty. Except of course the “Redeem” Team, just because the other nations have and continue to use pro-athletes should not mean that we the United States should wallow into the muck and mire.

I must say that with all that goes on in everyday life, I have not watched sports as closely as I once did, and even things like the opening ceremonies seem pagan to me today then what they have in Olympic Games past.

Perhaps if we had more athletes like the “Flying Scotsmen” Eric Liddell perhaps these Olympic athletes would be striving for more than just Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Praise God we do regarding the former Olympic speed skating champion Joey Cheek the co-founder and president of Team Darfur, who had his visa revoked by the Chinese government Wednesday, August 6, 2008, just a few hours before he was scheduled to travel to Beijing to promote his peace initiative in the war-ravaged region of Sudan. Another sign that the Butchers of Tiananmen Square are not so open minded and hearted.