Wednesday, September 17, 2008

GOP is mishandling Palin's foreign policy deficiency

Whoever is advising Sarah Palin on answering questions about her foreign policy/national security credentials should be fired.

There is no reason for her obvious deficiency in these areas to be a major stumbling block for her viability as a VP candidate. It seems her defensive talking points concerning her foreign policy/national security are the following:

* She has extensive experience with energy (Oil/Natural Gas) industry. Energy is a national security issue.

* Alaska is in close proximity to Russia.

* She has commanded the Alaska National Guard for close to two years.

* Her eldest son has recently joined the Army and will be serving in Iraq for the next year.

These are weak primary credentials. She should stop using these talking points as they are giving new life to Tina Fey's SNL career and juicy fodder for Obama's attack dogs. Instead she should do two things:

1. Make clear she is not being chosen as the VP candidate to head up the national security/foreign policy effort of the executive branch. McCain has extensive experience in this arena and doesn't need an expert sidekick. McCain doesn't have tangible energy development/production experience (neither do Obama or Biden for that matter), Palin does, so she will focus on energy independence which is a vital part of the national security puzzle.

What if McCain dies or becomes incapacitated? No President makes national security/foreign policy decisions on his/her own. The cabinet McCain appoints will provide the philosophy and leadership necessary to get her up to speed should she need to become Commander and Chief. From the day she was chosen as McCain's running mate until the time she might have to step in to the presidential role she will have opportunity to study, observe, and be briefed on foreign affairs and national security. Sarah Palin is a very intelligent person who will not require much time to aquire the knowledge she will need to make decisions when they come.

This brings me to the second thing she must do-

2. Turn the focus on Barack Obama's paltry experience in the area of national security/foreign policy. Obama has served on the Foreign Relations committee for less than two years. Nine months ago he was appointed to the Homeland Security committee but has spent very little actual time serving this committee as he has been campaigning for the last 18 months. It seems obvious he was put on these committees by Democratic strategists to provide apparent credentials he lacked for a presidential run. I think Palin would be wise to point out how Obama has only a little more experience in these areas and he is running for President, not Vice President. More should be made of Obama's considerable deficiency in this area.

Therefore, her talking points in reaction to attacks on her readiness in these areas should be:

* John McCain has chosen me to exert leadership in the monumentally important area of U.S. energy independence. Of the 4 candidates, I am the only one with actual energy development and production experience. I have a clear plan for moving us toward swift energy independence, let me tell you what that looks like....

* I will be immersing myself in foreign relations study and national security matters so that I grow daily in my ability to handle any crisis that would arise should I have to become President in the next 4 years. I will be surrounded by experienced advisers from both parties and have no fear about making sound decisions for our country if called to do so. If Barack Obama is ready to lead the country with less than two years of listening to what his senate committee does, I am confident I can be as quick on the uptake in this area as I am already well-progressed in coming up to speed.


Rick Calohan said...

I agree with you Tony, and I am sure in the debates these things will be brought up. However, let us keep in mind that with less than seven weeks until Election Day the leftist media, leftist celebrities in Hollywood, and even Tina Fey’s Palin imitation are not going to decide this election. It is up to us everyday Americans who go to work; provide for our families; who cling to our guns (don’t have one but you get the idea); our religion (OK for me Christianity is a Faith not a man made religion); and who know that God has Providentially blessed us in our 232 years since our independence and 221st year since our Constitution was ratified on this day September 17th who are going to make the difference:

• First the Obama-Biden ticket has no executive experience period
• Second, the Obama-Biden ticket solution to energy is overinflated tires without knowing the dangers to drivers or that tires are produced from Oil.
• Third the Obama-Biden ticket were against the SURGE and wanted to divide Iraq into sections that would have created a war between the Turks and the Kurds, a war between the Sunnis and Shiites, a war between the United States and Iran.
• Forth the Obama-Biden ticket solution to the economy is to tax and spend it to death so that the middleclass people can buy toasters.
• Fifth the Obama-Biden ticket solution to Teen and Unwanted pregnancies is to abort it.
• Sixth the Obama-Biden ticket solution to everything is an over bloated Government a Nanny State from cradle if you survive your abortion to grave if you r survive Socialized Medicare.
• Seventh if we who are pro-life, pro-America, who are socially conservative and fiscal libertarian remain silent and do not vote on election day in mass for the McCain/Palin ticket, then we only have ourselves and not Palin qualifications or lack their of to blame.

I am Rick Calohan and I approve this message.

Zach said...

Tony, I agree completely with your assessment and find myself shouting at the television every time I hear Palin spout those canned answers that were apparently spoon-fed to her by the McCain campaign.

Another fact that I think should be a huge part of her answer to foreign experience questions is: We have had many, many state governors with little or no foreign policy experience (Bush, Reagan, Clinton) step into the role of president.

Governors are not expected to have experience conducting foreign policy--it would be inappropriate for them to have done so as governors.

Frontier Forest said...

Just listening to the over salted, left-wing garbage on network news makes me want to puke! I refuse to watch CBS and NBC is just about as biased. Brian Williams spent most of his focus last night on mistakes or minor misquotes by both McCain and Palin, and then blasted Bush on 8 years of blunders and his inability to avoid the financial crisis every American now faces. McCain foresaw the fiasco’s and the total hypocrisy of the 2 idiot loons heading up Aunt Fannie and Uncle Freddie, even warned of it! But that’s not new worthy. I want to stand up and scream , “DEM’s, WAKE UP! If you think NObama and NoBiden are going to fix things with warm-fuzzy empty promises, you are the ones building that proverbial “Bridge to Nowhere!”