Sunday, October 26, 2008

2008 Westminster Eagles

Our church has been laboring, by God's grace, to establish a parochial Christian school for over 12 years. God has blessed our efforts in humbling ways. Our vision is to expand Westminster through High School, we have just added ninth grade this year.

I coach our school soccer team, Brian is my esteemed assistant coach. The team is made up of a stellar group of boys who are on their way to becoming men. The ninth graders are already young men and I am excited by how God is maturing them. Our first High School class maybe small in numbers, but not in character. I can't imagine a better group of students to make up Westminster's first graduating class (the Class of 2012), they are true pioneers and fine representatives.

Since our numbers are still relatively small in the upper grades, we have to field a team of 6-9th graders. We play in two leagues, one is a junior high school league (7-8th grade students), the other is a junior varsity league (made up of teams with a wide range of high school aged students). We practice and function as one team, but the 9th graders can only play in the JV games and 6th graders don't play much in the JV games. In either case, our team is usually a bit younger than whoever we're playing. Still, after 13 regular season games, we are 6-5-2. This is a tremendous accomplishment. I am very proud of their hard work and healthy competitiveness. I am more pleased with the way they maintain a Christlike attitude on the field. I am convinced that team sports provide a tremendous laboratory for discipleship, this is why I spend so much time coaching this soccer team.

We still have junior high playoffs and a JV tournament the first week of November, but no matter how we place, this has been a great year for the WCA Eagles.

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Frontier Forest said...

What a powerful impact for Christ these young warriors are going to make on our sin-sick world. Keep on coachen and keep on encouraging!