Monday, October 20, 2008

I hope Catholics answer the call

Apparently there are 67 million Catholics in the U.S. I don't know how many are of voting age. I sincerely hope and pray the ones who are will get this message and answer the call.

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Rick Calohan said...

I pray that not only Catholics but all Americans who believe in the sanctity of life do so as well.

Here is the tale of the tape in 2004 of who voted for Bush, and Kerry

Among Protestants who made up 54% of the electorate 59% went for Bush a +3% from 2000, and 40 percent voted for Kerry.

Among Catholics who made up 27% of the electorate 52% went for Bush a +5% from 2000, even though John Kerry unlike ALGORE is Catholic.

Among Jewish voters who made up 3% of the electorate only 25% went for Bush + 6% from 2000, compared to 74% for John Kerry

Other religions voters who made up 7% of the electorate, 23% for Bush -5% from 2000, to 74 percent for Kerry and 1 % for Nader

And those who profess no religion who made up 10% of the electorate, 31% for Bush +1% , 67% for Kerry, and 1% for Nader.

Granted past performance is no indication of future results.

On a side note: a co-worker who was telling other co-workers that she went to see Obama this weekend at the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City. Apparently she did not like my question which was, “Did Obama bring five loaves and two fishes?”

Zach said...

I hope so, too, Tony. My parish had this video on a loop a few weeks ago after Mass.

It's powerful, however when I posted it on my blog, it sparked a fierce debate between me and my PCA brother, who is inexplicably leaning towards voting for The One (he's always voted pro-life in the past).

I'm still hoping and praying for the cause of life to prevail in this election, but when we're having to chase down the votes of ostensibly pro-life Catholics and Reformed, it gets a little discouraging. Fiat volutas tua

Reepicheep said...

A vote for Obama is indeed inexplicable to me.

Rick Calohan said...

An addendum to my earlier comments John Kerry received 47% of the Catholic Vote in 2004.

Roger Mann said...

A vote for Obama is indeed inexplicable to me.

Here's some of the convoluted logic used by those who are "pro-life" and voting for Obama. I'd say the correct term is "idiotic" rather than "inexplicable!"

The pro-life case for Obama

Frontier Forest said...

A moving video. The night before the election, wouldn’t it wonderful for the Pope to come forth with a strong statement for life! May God have mercy on our country.