Sunday, October 26, 2008

Metallica Concert Review

Saturday night I attended the Metallica concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. It was a phenomenal show headlining the greatest heavy metal band the world has seen so far.

Now, before I go on, I apologize to those who are disappointed with my appreciation for the music genre known as "heavy metal" (there are many sub genres, Metallica is often referred to as "thrash metal", but this is a sub genre of "heavy metal"). I recognize it is not everyone's cup of tea. Sorry. What can I say? I enjoy headbanging without apology. I think opera is awful and hideously painful to listen to, but I acknowledge the right of people to listen to it, etc.

I have been a heavy metal fan since my early teens, I believe Metallica is the most talented metal band of all time. They recently released a new album which hearkens back to the sound and style of their earlier years. They have sold something like 90 million albums in their career and are teh 7th highest grossing live musical act of all time. These are amazing stats for a metal band, we're not talking Celine Dione here! The concert last night featured something like 15 songs plus an encore, 5 or 6 songs were from their new album.

There is much I could write about why I enjoy heavy metal, but it is simple enough to say I appreciate the tremendous talent it takes to rock well. I took drum lessons for a couple years and even played for a while. Keeping rhythm for a quality metal band takes tremendous talent. Lars Ulrich, Metallica's beat-keeper, is one of the best who has ever lived. He was in rare form Saturday night as his band played for two hours straight. These guys seem ageless even after touring hard for over 25 years (I'm sure their collective decision to stop drinking and partying after shows has helped).

It's not my intention on this particular post to expound the value of considering the musical work of unbelievers like Metallica. I by no means endorse all their work or their underlying worldview. Listening to Metallica is akin to listening to any unbelieving musician. It must be done with discernment and care. Music, art, literature- same thing. Even when the writers of the songs and composers of the music lack godly wisdom, you can catch a glimpse of the talent God grants human beings. It is most glorifying to God when musicians/artists realize the source of their abilities and give Him glory, but even when they don't, there is something praiseworthy about the arrangement of notes and the skill used to play them. They even stumble upon truth in some of their lyrical observations. Obviously it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff and to maintain a discerning ear. Well, I said I wouldn't expound, so I won't further. At any rate, it was a rockin' concert by one of the true pioneers of heavy metal.

Rock on.


M. Jay Bennett said...

Rock on!

The first CD I ever bought was Metallica's Black album. Later I got into there earlier stuff like Ride the Lightning. Great metal!

Frontier Forest said...

We used up the rest of our yearly timeshare points, so Cheri and I spent a wonderful weekend in Branson, MO. Branson has to be one of the few remaining influential Christian towns left in God Bless America! Yesterday, while we were having lunch at the “Country Jamboree” one of the waitresses began singing “Amazing Grace” and the entire restaurant suddenly grew quiet, giving adoration and glory to Christ through the median of real music. Then our waitress came over to fill our coffee and had the freedom and the boldness to humbly ask where we attended worship. This could only happen in Branson. No Metallica music in Branson, just good old Gospel!

Kat said...

I was at the same concert and also had a rockin' time. I just couldn't understand how the chick next to me was standing there and had her arms folded and was obviously not having a good time. The energy in that room was so contagious, I just didn't understand it.

Anonymous said...

OK, yes they may be called pioneers but let's not forget the "roots", Cream, Doors, Jimi Hendrex, Led Zepplin to name a few.

Only trouble is the next tour by my favorites, will be promoted by AARP!


barnezy said...

I dominate "one" on Guitar Hero III on expert! Sign me up for the band!

Madonna said...

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so I thought this will interest ya!

Matt said...

Good point about the skill required to play the music, especially in a concert environment, what with the indoor fireworks going off in your face, noise level, and drummers spontaneously combusing!