Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Soccer-Volleyball with the KC Wizards at Westminster

Our Church's school, Westminster Christian Academy, did a fundraiser for our newly developing sports program with the help of the Kansas City Wizards.

We sold tickets for one of the Wizards games, in return the Wizards gave us some of the proceeds and sent four players to take on representatives from our school in three games of soccer-volleyball. Soccer-volleyball is the same as volleyball for us, but the Wizards could not use their hands. You can't imagine how hard it is to play volleyball without your hands, but these guys can do it well.

The Wizards present to play us were Davy Arnaud, Aaron Holbein, Kevin Souter, and Chance Myers. We had an all-school assembly at the end of the day to witness the event and cheer on our school teams.

Our boys soccer team played the Wizards in the first game and got destroyed.

Our girls volleyball team played the Wizards in the second game and got destroyed.

A team made up of Westminster coaches/staff played the Wizards and destroyed them! Brian even likes to brag that he spiked on Davy Arnaud!

It was great fun for all involved and we are very appreciative of the Kansas City Wizards willingness to show us such a great time. We had over 300 screaming students and parents in attendance-a tremendous event.

Here are some pictures of today's action-

The raucous WCA crowd (where's Pastor Nathan?)

Holbein and Souter getting ready for a vicious serve from Kathy Sievert

Brian Hough warming up in preparation to spike on Davy Arnaud

Yours truly preparing to lob one over at the Wizards

Chance Myers and Kevin Souter signing autographs after

Aaron Holbein and Davy Arnaud also signing pictures and balls. The players stayed signing for a long time. 250 students wanted autographs. Thanks guys!

Chance Myers heading it over

The players hung out with students after the event.

Davy Arnaud, Chance Myers, and Kevin Souter getting ready to be introduced.


Hough said...

I did spike on Davy Arnaud, it was amazing!

Frontier Forest said...

Looks like all had plenty of great fun! Pastor, sure glad you didn’t pull a “Creecy” on that hard floor.

tomi said...

I vote for a RPC United game against the Wizards...