Monday, October 13, 2008

This will not inspire confidence about the discernment of voters

You won't see many Howard Stern clips on Reepicheep, but this one is worth listening to. It is incredible.

An interviewer takes to the streets of Harlem where prospective voters are asked who they support for President. All three of the subjects indicate Obama is their choice.

Listen and draw your own conclusions.

Hat Tip: Cowboy


Rick Calohan said...

Case in point why there should be literacy tests a poll tax and women should be denied the right to vote. All kidding aside the reason that 95% of African-Americans, Blacks, or whatever we are calling these Americans are voting for Obama is not because of his views but because of his pigmentation. Again, I know people who confess to be Christians are voting for this man knowing that Obama is for abortion. How lost and fallen these supporters of Obama are. May God rise up His Chosen Race (no pun intended) and usher McCain/Palin to victory. However, if Obama wins it is clearly God’s displeasure with our land, its government policies, and the continuation of the silent holocaust also known as abortion.

Frontier Forest said...

I would agree, this kind of prejudicial, ignorant confidence is very scary.

Roger Mann said...

Of course, if these people were being truly honest they'd have to admit that they support Obama over McCain because Obama is black and McCain is white. Period. But they're not "racists" because "only those who are in power (whites) can be racists." It's all so clear now... :-)

Reepicheep said...

You guys are so Politically Incorrect!

morsel said...

Yes, from my days as an election judge and precinct chairman in Dallas, I am not surprised. I observed a lack of knowledge of the issues, and voting on the basis of superficials and emotions common. It is a dangerous trend. The most pertinent example I remember is when Texans elected Don Yarbrough, a kook, to the Texas supreme court because his name was similar to Ralph Yarborough, a former U.S. senator from Texas.

Anonymous said...

I'm not here to attack any of you. But, I'm just curious as to how you can justify the attitudes shown in these comments.

The quote below is a terribly racist and offensive comment:

"All kidding aside the reason that 95% of African-Americans, Blacks, or whatever we are calling these Americans are voting for Obama is not because of his views but because of his pigmentation."

If you decide to make a comment and justify your viewpoint, you have that right, but please remember that you are reflecting Jesus with these statements, and that is a horribly hurtful and unloving remark to make. The third comment was very similar and also equally offensive and wrong.

I wish the best for your church and your pastor, and I know your Church seeks God's guidance, but I think it would be very beneficial to consider your perspective here.

Reepicheep said...


I can see how Rick's comments could be construed as Racist. Knowing Rick, I am sure he's not a racist, so I didn't view it as such the first time I read it.

Anyways, I don't usually post anonymous comments, but since you raise a legit concern, I wanted to apologize personally. I am sure Rick can do so also.

Rick Calohan said...

Anonymous, I was responding to the interviews of three people in Harlem, who are supporting Barrack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, a man of a bi-racial background whose appearance and classification is Black, while ignoring his Muslim and white heritage. Much in the same way that Catholics voted for Kennedy in 1960 black America is supporting BHO. The interviews demonstrate that these three people are not aware of BHO views much less his running mate. Among whites the McCain support is somewhere between 50- 55% nowhere near the 90 to 95% of blacks voting for Obama.

We live in a nation that has been racially divided and that divide is reinforced by a federal government that insist on pigeonholing people into various groups and using affirmative action to discriminate against other groups in order to fill quotas. I do not view BHO as black or white but as an American running for the Presidency of the United States. I am not voting for BHO, because BHO is pro-choice, anti-defense, and a socialist.

If my views appear racist and insensitive to you than my apologies I would hope that, you would agree that if you are supporting any candidate that you should know what their views are on issues and are not voting clearly on the appearance of a candidate.

I never claim to speak for my savior on these blogs. Christ was perfect and I am not. It is by His Grace and not mine that I am saved. I also never claim to speak for my church, in these blogs. In addition, the two comments you have pointed out come from two members of Redeemer Presbyterian who are classified as white and who are married to women who are not classified as white and whose children are classified as bi-racial.

Roger Mann said...

Anonymous wrote,

The third comment was very similar and also equally offensive and wrong.

Ok, since my comments are being accused of being “terribly racist” and “offensive and wrong,” I’d challenge anonymous to back up the charge with an actual argument. What’s “racist” or “offensive” about what I wrote? The black people interviewed in the youtube clip are clearly not voting for Obama because they agree with his worldview or policy positions, so how is it “racist” for me to point out that Obama’s race is the predominant factor in their support? If you don’t believe Obama’s race is the primary factor in their support for him, then what do you suppose is? They just like the way he dresses? Give me a break! Let’s not be na├»ve here in an attempt to be gentle and kind. There’s nothing racist or mean in pointing out the truth. It’s also true that many racist whites will not vote for Obama simply because he’s black (actually bi-racial/half white). Sometimes the truth hurts. That’s just a fact of life.

Moreover, when I sent these same comments to my wife (who’s black) yesterday in an email, her response was “yep!” She didn’t see anything “racist” about my comments, and actually agreed with them. In fact, one of her black friends at work has openly admitted that Obama’s policy positions, his former membership in a blatantly racist and anti-American church, and his alliance with a former unrepentant terrorist makes no difference to her at all. She’s voting for him simply because he’s black. Period. And, believe me, many other blacks feel the same way. I’ve run across several black guys at my work who’ve said similar things to me. Therefore, the point I was making is hardly a wild, unsupported, or racist comment.

Also, my tongue-in-cheek comment that the people interviewed in the youtube clip are not "racists" because "only those who are in power (whites) can be racists" was meant to poke fun at this lame canard that’s often thrown around by racists blacks (and their white defenders) as an excuse for their behavior. Blacks and whites who are not racists shouldn’t let them get away with it anymore, as is often the case in our society with its racial double standard.

Finally, as to your comment that we are “reflecting Jesus with these statements, and that is a horribly hurtful and unloving remark to make,” I’d like to point a few things out from Scripture.

First, Jesus Himself told the Jews who rejected Him, “you are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do” (John 8:44). Rather than being genuine children of Abraham, Jesus told them they were children of the devil. Read the rest of the passage… Jesus’ statement to them was clearly offensive and hurtful, but he said it anyway because it was the truth! The issue was the truth of His statement, not whether it offended His hearers or not. The same applies to what I said in my comments above. The issue is whether it’s true, not whether it may offend certain people.

Second, the Apostle Paul wrote that “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons” (Titus 2:12). Do you think that may have offended some of the Cretans? Without a doubt! Yet, he wrote it anyway. Why? Because, as he makes perfectly clear, “This testimony is true” (v. 13). Once again, the issue was the truth of His statement, not whether it might offend certain Cretans or not (and he was most certainly “reflecting Jesus with these statements”). The same applies to what I said in my comments above. The issue is whether it’s true, not whether it may offend certain people.

Anonymous said...

reep - Your pastoral response was very respectful and appreciated. I also appreciate you allowing me to post an anonymous response. I understand why one would be unlikely to allow anonymous responses. I posted anonymously due to not wanting to cause any tension for or with someone I am close to that attends your church. I've heard of many great things your church has done and have met you in person and recall you being very courteous. This is part of the reason why I was so disgusted by the comments previously made. In closing, I very much respect your response and am thankful for it.

rick - I appreciate you responding. I'm not concerned with discussing either candidate to be honest. In all honesty, my post had nothing to do with politics (for the most part) but was in fact concerned with the ignorant and racist remarks that were done on a Christian/church/pastor (whatever you would like to label it) blog.

I don't say this to put you down or to start a fight, but you simply cannot say things like,
"All kidding aside the reason that 95% of African-Americans, Blacks, or whatever we are calling these Americans" as a Christian.

I know you didn't say that this was the opinion of Jesus, but (1)you are a Christian, (2)you are a part of the body of Christ, and (3)you are made in the image of God.

Regardless of the ethnicity of any of your family or friends your comment was hurtful, not just to me, but to all who will read this site. If this comment is a reflection of your ideology it will bleed into conversations in your church, it will bleed into conversations in your workplace, and it will bleed into conversations with your family. I pray that none of this will happen.

I know you don't claim to be perfect. I'm definitely not perfect either. I know you are a Christian, and so am I. I won't comment on this matter again, and I definitely don't want to argue anymore.

I don't know what you will take from my comment. I do say it in love. I also believe in what I'm saying. Whether you justify your comments or reflect and see why these comments are hateful and hurtful, I will continue to wish you the best as your brother in Christ.

In closing, thank you for taking the time to hear (read) my viewpoint.

Rick Calohan said...

"All kidding aside the reason that 95% of African-Americans, Blacks, or whatever we are calling these Americans"

OK, if that offended you perhaps you are not understanding the meaning behind the words. There are generational issues regarding classifications, in my eyes "these Americans" are Americans, either by birth or naturalization, I do not view a person by their color or ethnicity. If you should be offended, you should be more offended at the race-baiters, and the government for dividing people on the bases of race, gender, or national origin, instead of parsing the words of a person expressing an opinion.

Roger Mann said...


You seem perfectly comfortable with accusing people you don’t know of using “hateful and hurtful” comments, and throwing around assertions such as “you simply cannot say things like…as a Christian” without any valid reasons backing them up. What’s your argument for why such comments are “hateful and hurtful,” or why a Christian “cannot say” such things? In the absence of a valid argument to back up your accusations and assertions, you are simply slandering fellow brothers in Christ by falsely imputing evil motives to them. And that is truly “offensive!” For some reason you don’t seem to be particularly concerned about that.

You went on to say that Rick’s comments were hurtful “to all who will read this site.” That’s just plain false. Rick’s comments weren’t hurtful to me, nor to my wife. And since you have been the only one to complain about them so far, I’d venture to say that they weren’t hurtful to many other people who read his comments. So please speak for yourself, not for me or others you know nothing about.

Reepicheep said...

Alrighty then...

Anonymous made his/her point and Rick and Roger responded with good explanations, even if someone disagrees.

Rick and Roger aren't racists and that isn't the point of this post to begin with.

Clearly the people interviewed in the clip want Obama to be president for some reason other than his views. That much is plain and clear.

Frontier Forest said...

Wow, that there was some mighty spirited bloggen! I think everyone gets an A for passion, B for substance and B for striving to "speak the word in truth and love."
May I share a verse that should calm all of us Christ Followers down? “But Thou knowest me, O Lord, Thous seest me, and Thou doest examine my heart’s attitude toward Thee.” Jeremiah 12:3