Monday, October 6, 2008

What did I tell you?

Even I didn't think the T.O. show would get started so forcefully so soon.

What's going on with this guy?


Frontier Forest said...

Who is his God and where is Jesus? I have seen far too much of this guys bad fruit. Call me critical or just discerning, but I am leery of this kind of self-giving, personally-gratified, outwardly-focused humility.

Rick Calohan said...

Give the man his props, after all he did give all the glory to God, God used him today so that they could defeat the Bengals. Because we all know on any given Sunday, the Good Lord is looking down at the hole in the roof to watch them Cowboys.

Now as a Steelers fan I would say in God's Sovereignty He used this opportunity to help the Steelers by making the Bengals 0-5. Just like God’s Sovereignty was in play to injure the Bills QB Trent Edwards to make them 4-1 to keep the Steelers in the playoff hunt in the AFC.

I think our Lord has better things to do than to watch the performance of various athletes. After all we know that Lord could have delivered the Yankees to the World Series but since the owners Steinbrenner rejected Torre and are destroying the Temple Yankees Stadium they are now watching the playoffs and World Series at home.