Monday, November 10, 2008

Funny how it goes

Day one of the hunt was pretty wet and windy. I toughed it out, but ended the day drenched.

I had some deer around me during my morning hunt, but nothing big enough to shoot. The bucks are with does so you have to find the does or wait for the bucks to break free to find another lady friend. I left my morning stand at 1pm to head to my evening stand a couple miles away. My truck was parked in the middle of a pasture a good mile from my stand. I got to my truck and started to load my stuff in the back when just 100 yards to my south there was a good buck and a doe bedded. He wasn't as big as the buck in the picture above or I would have tried to stalk him. It's funny how you can take all sorts of measures to set up on deer and then have two lay down close to your parked vehicle.


jeff said...

I went out today too, but just in the afternoon/evening. Had a button buck 10 yards away for a few minutes, but let him walk.

Right before dark, I watched a nice sized buckfrom about 150 yards away "courting" a couple of does. He and a doe bedded down, and, of course, as it was getting dark, the other does started working their way in my direction. Blast the time change!! I condemn thee, oh darkness at 5 PM!!

i'll be out in the same spot thursday, so we'll see what happens. Rut on!

Phantom495 said...

I was hoping to hear about some Day 1 Smack Down! Keep up the good fight! Hunt for those of us who can't this year!

Anonymous said...

It's like they know, ugh! While the Hunter is looking for the deer they are where you least expect them to be, by your truck.
Enjoy your hunting days.

Frontier Forest said...

O’ Masterful deer-stalker, today you should have been following my partner Keith. You could have saved him from a lot of grief and got you a big buck! He and his wife were driving their daughter to visit the KU campus for college next year. About 10 miles west of their house out of Harrisonville, a big buck jumped out and they put the major smack, hitting the buck just as he jumped! The buck busted out their front windshield, then the antlers jerked around and busted the driver side window, then the buck’s body whirled around and the hooves busted out the back window. He shared with me, “I remember when your pastor slammed on his brakes and what followed, so I never touched my brakes. But hit him broad side!” He said the deer meat would have been too badly bruised to keep. Bet ya, they had a lot of drawers to clean out, I am sure! HA HA! Stay safe and watch out for flying deer! I will send you the pic’s of his SUV tomorrow.

Reepicheep said...

Jeff- good report. Keep at it. You're having a stellar season already.
Scott- If I get good buck, I'll dedicate it to the memory of your once intact shoulder. No day 1 majic though...I anticipate a long fight to the end of November...just don't tell Shari that!

barnezy said...

Stalk him? I would have shot him from where I stood. 100 yards is a chip shot with a compound. I guess there is that present fear that if I were to miss the mark just this once out of a hundred times it would be classified as a "sin" and well... I was called to slay deer, not miss them. So I guess I would have stalked him for 10 yards and then taken the safer 90 yard shot. Enjoy paradise while I'm learning about micro bacteria that's accumulating in your deer meat.

Rick Calohan said...

If by Divine Providence, you are not able to take a buck down by your bow, feel free to travel down Lee’s Summit Road where I almost had a close encounter of the Cervinae kind. I was heading home after 6 pm going north on Lee’s Summit Road within less than a carlink away a deer darted across the two lane stretch of darkness. Only by Divine Providence the deer and my car did not colide.