Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gone Hunting

I have just about 2 weeks vacation time left, there is no question how I will spend the next ten days, minus Sunday. I will be in a tree stand or ground blind somewhere for all daylight hours. I might move at midday, but only to relocate to a different stand. Bottled water and granola bars will be my sustenance. I will become one with the habitat as I sit and or stand in wait. For a guy who talks too much and can't sit still, it's amazing how much I enjoy the opposite while hunting the whitetail "rut".

I have written various posts on the joy of bow hunting (here, here, here, & here) so I'll say no more for now. Instead, as I come in each evening I will blog about something- since I will have plenty of time to think. Hopefully, Lord willing, I'll be able to lay the smack down on a mature buck before the 10 days are up.
I'll be in touch.