Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mountain Oysters

I'm staying with some good friends while hunting. They are primarily ranchers raising cattle, they just got in 103 new calves yesterday, so that means one thing (or two things, as it were)- mountain oysters. I got to partake tonight. Yummy.
Mountain oysters prove my theory- you can fry just about anything and it will taste good. A bit spongy, but otherwise mountain oysters taste like chicken. Wait a minute...what's that? Yep, a new patch of hair just sprouted on my back! These things are powerful!


ginger said...


Your are sooo gross!

jeff said...

Love those mountain oysters! I had my first taste of mountain oysters in Colorado years ago. delightful!

now, go shoot a slammer!

Anonymous said...

I REALLY want to try these some day...minus the patch of back hair that grows....ew

Emily V

Andrew said...


Frontier Forest said...

A lot could be said… but have to admit, they do look very tasty! Maybe that “wild-gamy” flavor will kill the smell of thee, O’ Masterful deerstalker.

Anonymous said...

Where I'm from we call 'em Calf Fries. No fat in 'em either, except when they are fried.