Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Nathan Clark George Release

My friend and brother in Christ, Nathan Clark George, has released a new album- "Pull up a Chair: A Live Musical Conversation with Nathan Clark George".

The album was recorded in conjunction with a neat film documentary showing his life on the road as a folk singer. I just ordered the DVD and the CD an hour ago and recommend you do also! Here's the link:

I will do a review of the CD in a couple weeks. I have listened to most of it on his site. It includes live versions of some of his best songs as well as a remake of "What if I were in the Garden". It also includes 3-4 never released songs. The DVD has concert clips as well as lots of great family footage. I know Nathan and his family, I don't have to see it to recommend it. I will give my analysis of this latest NCG offering after listening to it thoroughly.

Nathan and band will be at Redeemer December 21 for a Christmas Concert at 6pm. Don't miss.


Hough said...

Sweet! Can't wait to hear it.

Frontier Forest said...

What a humble, gracious man, whom God has indeed, blessed. His songs bring glory to the Lord and open wide the Word to practical dimensions.