Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reep Confesses

In the interest of being truthful, I have to rescind my post from Sunday about the Vatican forgiving John Lennon for his blasphemous statements in 1966.

Very simply- the Vatican, meaning the Pope, didn't forgive John Lennon of anything, in so far as I can tell.

I was under the impression that L'Osservatore Romano was the official newspaper of the Vatican. It is not. It is semi-official. I'm not entirely sure what "semi official" means, but it's enough to say the paper has a degree of independence that allows it to editorialize without direct consent from the Pope or his administration. I was also under the impression L'Osservatore Romano made some kind of statement of Lennon being forgiven by the R.C. Church, I do not believe it did so. I have been unable to locate the full article printed by L'Osservatore Romano, but from what I can tell, it nowhere grants forgiveness to Lennon as widely reported by various news agencies, but rather dismisses and downplays his blasphemous comments by noting his youth and sudden blast of worldwide popularity. A strange article with unsusual laud for a pagan band, but not a statement of forgiveness. I was wrong to have reported it as such.

I am very sorry to those Roman Catholics who were offended by my rush to judge the Vatican's alleged exoneration of John Lennon and will do better to be more accurate before posting something like this again. Please forgive me.


Zach said...

Kudos, Tony--very honest, generous, and admirable of you. Thanks.

Rick Calohan said...

Dear Reep,

Does a Presbyterian mouse answer to Rome? While, I applaud your forthrightness in this manner, I do pray that you will not actually go to the nearest Catholic Church and ask for absolution via confession.

Also since you were a former a Catholic does saying Five Our Fathers, Five Hail Marys Five Glory Bes and doing an act of contrition made you truly repentant?

In His Grace, by His Glory!


Reepicheep said...

Well now Rick, you know I don't answer to Rome. No one actually does. I answer to God, hence the reason for my retraction.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tony, for this post.

I, too, answer to God, which is why I go to Confession and pray (not simply as a rhetorical point, but truly and sincerely) that someday you do find your way back to the Church.

In the meantime, anybody who goes by the pen name "Reepicheep" and who has the integrity to admit when he's crossed a line has my respect. God bless you!

Frontier Forest said...

Your heart felt confession and the responding gracious acceptances are virtues where all of us can grow from. Have a Happy and Blessed Turkey Day!