Friday, December 19, 2008

Nathan Clark George at Redeemer this Sunday

For those of you in the Kansas City area, you are invited to a special Christmas concert by singer/songwriter/guitarist Nathan Clark George this Sunday night.

Nathan and his band will be presenting a Christmas concert at 6pm in the Redeemer sanctuary. There is no cost for the concert, an offering will be taken instead.

Visit Nathan's site to sample his music. I assure you it will be a blessed night.


Frontier Forest said...

Can't wait! We know the Lord will be lifted up! Mine and Cheri's prayer is those who come, will hear the Word and see Christ this Christmas in the Light and Glory of song.

Frontier Forest said...

The concert was incredible, I'd even say better than last years. Mark, the mandolin-master, was the best I have ever heard, and backed with melodious acoustics from our sanctuary, the three instruments; acoustic guitar, mandolin and upright bass, gave forth sounds of a full orchestra. The harmony of Nathan and Mark made for a beautiful blend of magic. The Lord was truly lifted up, well pleased at the Praise of His people. It was good to participate in some old fashioned Pentecostal clapping for Jesus! Tony, did I see you raising your hands?