Friday, December 26, 2008

Off to the Sangre De Christo's

We are on our way to Colorado where I'm speaking at a Family Winter Camp at Horn Creek. We love going to Horn Creek in the summer, this will be a different experience for sure. One of the features of this camp is a ski package with Monarch Mountain close to Horn Creek.

I'm going to try snowboarding this year. Skiing is fun, but too much gear to lug around and coordinate especially with young kids in tow, hence the switch to snowboarding. I'll let you know how it goes. It could prove to be ugly and painful.


Frontier Forest said...

Young folks snowboard. Old folks do downhill. I am always amazed at the agility, fearless speed and the total intimidation of young snowboarders. I want to choak them. Good luck Pastor, you're right between old and young so go for it!

Frontier Forest said...

We will be nearby, in late February celebrating our 19th anniversary in beautiful Angel Fire NM! They are having a great snow year!

Tattershall girls said...


If you get bored of Snowboarding you can always drive up the road to Buena Vista and stop by Frontier Ranch for a visit.

Brandon Tattershall said...

If you get bored of the skiing gig, you are welcome to drive up the road to Buena Vista and visit the Tat's at Frontier Ranch. Have a great time.