Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow Miser vs Heat Miser, MMA style

Before the days of CGI (1974, to be exact) there was this funky sort of claymation we witness in the greatest Christmas special of all time- "The Year without Santa Claus".

Since I was a kid I have never forgotten the archnemesis brothers- Snow Miser and Heat Miser. I'll admit preferring Snow Miser over his brother, probably because he's a more "gregarious, friendly, jocular sort, given to gales of laughter and bad puns."(Wikipedia) Heat Miser on the other hand is a "vaguely demonic ogre-like being...a blustery, quick-tempered hothead."

What I'd like to see is a Celebrity Death Match type scenario with the two brothers battling it out, maybe in an MMA match format. Don't you think that would be cool? It would give a whole new generation of kiddies a vivid image of the two brothers. What warm memories it would make! Who do you think would win and why? In addition to stating your opinion in the comment section, be sure to answer the poll on the right.

Personally, I think the Snow Miser's superior reach and more agile movement would ultimately lead him to a rear naked choke victory over his chubby little long as "Mr. 101" doesn't find a way to burn him- keep in mind, what the Heat Miser touches only starts to melt in his clutch, turning to magma is not immediate, hence the Snow Miser has an opportunity.


Frontier Forest said...

I prefer some of the more traditional Christmas children’s tunes; Can’t beat the ole’ singing-cowboy, Gene Autry’s favorite Christmas songs: “Frosty the Snow Man”, “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Here Comes Santa Clause”, “He’ll be Coming down the Chimney”, “Santa Clause is Coming to Town”, “Up On the House Top”, “Sleigh Bells Ring.”

Anonymous said...

Snow Miser really needs to carry a tissue. No one likes icicle boogies.

My vote is that Heat Miser could take out Snow short chubby ones are quite quick on our feet...:)
Emily V