Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 Overheard quote of the year

We have a large portrait in the main hallway of our church that looks very similar to the one above. I still laugh when I think of what I overheard a visitor say upon seeing the portrait a few months ago-

"Wow, that's a great picture of Nostradamus"

I'm totally serious.


Frontier Forest said...

Glad you informed us on the portrait. Kind of thought it looked like an elder-ly, Baker’s beard in a month of so?

Rick Calohan said...

I take famous French Theologians who looks like Nostradamus for $200 Alex.

Answer: This French Theologian was born in Noyon, Picardie, Franceon July 10, 1509 and is known for his work Institutio Christiane Religionis.

Who is John Calvin?


barnezy said...

"In the year of Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, fire from the center of the earth shall make a quake in the new city..."

Those HBO Specials on Nostradamus scared me to death when I was a kid!

Roger Mann said...

You should have responded: “Yes, and what's remarkable is that he accurately predicted you'd come here and say that today!” :-)