Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All deserve a chance? Really Mr. President?

O.K., the honeymoon is over as far as I'm concerned.

I didn't watch the inauguration yesterday but I did read the transcript of President Obama's speech today. I was struck by this line-

"The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness."

Apparently, according to Obama, all are equal, free, and deserve a chance to "pursue their full measure of happiness" if they make it out of the womb...before then it's OK to kill them.


Rick Calohan said...

Oh, come on Tony, it’s not like he (Obama) is actually performing the abortions. As you know how their side will and have respond to the pro-life crowd. It amazes me that these intellectual elitist and nominal Christians overlook the pro-choice 100% rating from NARAL voting record of the former Senator now President of the Obamanites and obviously most have never taken a high school let alone college biology class yet can quote Darwin until the evolved cows come home. Save the animals, save the earth, but heaven forbid you save the life of an un-born human being. They always cry it’s a woman’s choice. Well, to the best of knowledge half of the children conceived in the world are women so what about their choice?

To quote the great formal Surgeon General C. Everrett Koop whom you pointed out “was the most stylin' Surgeon General in U.S. History because of his commitment to the chin beard.”

“Protection of the life of the mother as an excuse for an abortion is a smoke screen. In my 36 years of pediatric surgery, I have never known of one instance where the child had to be aborted to save the mother's life. If toward the end of the pregnancy complications arise that threaten the mother's health, the doctor will induce labor or perform a Caesarean section. His intention is to save the life of both the mother and the baby. The baby's life is never willfully destroyed because the mother's life is in danger.”

Ironic that we think their side is in favor of ‘womb to the tomb’ when it comes to social spending but in fact they are ‘womb to the tomb’ when it comes to infanticide and euthanasia.

Frontier Forest said...

How distressing to think, but brother, you are so right! I heard, but I didn’t hear. I listened to his every word but I was so enamored by the eloquence, I failed to see the stark and dastardly reality. He made mention of Scripture, I Corinthians 13:11, “putting away childish things”, but millions more, who so deserve a “chance,” will never have the opportunity to even be a child. The innocent blood of countless little ones that were not spoken for… or even considered. O’ the thought of wrath… God’s anger and condemnation!

Anglican@last said...

If churches were life affirming communities (instead of ideological clubs) where abortion was unthinkable, Comrade Obama's views and policies would be irrelevant.

Rick Calohan said...

On the anniversary of the most dreadful Supreme Court decision that made this nation on January 22, 1973 Roe v. Wade which is an abomination in the eyes of God here are some stats that will stagger the mind when you put in context of human history of the 6 million Jews killed in Nazi Germany, 20 million in Stalinist Russia, 50 million under Communist Mao, and now we (the United States of America) are on the cusp of surpassing them all.
The Consequences of Roe v. Wade
Total Abortions since 1973

"The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That's the first thing that I'd do." -- Senator Barack Obama, speaking to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, July 17, 2007

malcolm said...

Please spread this video clip far and wide. It is quite profound.

Rick Calohan said...

Day three of America held hostage by the Obamanati as Obamcrats and Obamacans sit idly by as six executive orders in three days the latest of course came today as Obama reverses the Bush administration's ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide abortion information. The great Ronald Reagan first adopted the “Mexico City Policy” in 1984. The infamous Bill Clinton ended the ban in 1993, but George W. Bush re-instituted it in 2001 as one of his first acts in office. You know perhaps Obama was telling the truth and was not in the pew that day when Jeremiah Wright was preaching the following, “Naw, naw, naw. Not God Bless America. God D--n America! That's in the Bible. For killing innocent people. God D--n America for treating us citizens as less than human. God D--n America as long as she tries to act like she is God and she is Supreme.”