Friday, January 2, 2009

Great time at Horn Creek Winter Camp

My family is now fast asleep in their own bed's after nine days away, seven of them spent in Colorado where I was speaking at the Horn Creek Winter Family Camp. I am still up because I surely consumed over a gallon of caffeinated beverages to stay awake for the last leg of the journey.

The week was awesome. We were able to spend some very special family time as well as make many new friends throughout the week at Horn Creek. We had lots of fun in the snow all week. We had a blast on the huge Horn Creek tubing hill, as well as sledding all over the place (the camp is on the side of a mountain at 9000 ft!). On Wednesday we travelled about 70 miles to ski at Monarch, a first for all our kids. I was talked out of snow boarding by other old dudes who assured me I would tear my rotator cuff or possibly even die. Shari and I spent the majority of the time helping our sons learn to ski, so we only got to take a few more challenging runs ourselves. I did take on a "blue", which was pretty thrilling having not skiied in 8 years.

For my teaching time at Horn Creek I led the campers through a daily study of several of the more notorious figures in Scripture, like Cain, Haman, Nimrod and the Babel-builders, the Pharisees, the Rich Young Ruler, and Lucifer himself. It was a profitable study for me, I hope it was for the brothers and sisters who attended.

I simply have to give a plug for Horn Creek. If you haven't made Summer vacation plans, check out Horn Creek. It's a week of absolute frivolity and fellowship in the Sangre De Christo Mountains. The pricing is very reasonable, every family could use a "Horn Creek" experience. I'm speaking the week of July 4-11, it would be great to have you come on out and join us! Check out their site.

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Frontier Forest said...

We prayed for you and your family.
Reading your blog brought back some wonderful memories of times long past. I think every man well remembers that first infamous “Clark W. Griswald” family day on the slopes. Our first family ski trip was in 1980, in Estes Park’s “Hidden Valley.” The ski area with one chairlift and 2 puma lifts isn’t there any more. But I will always remember the “fun” of renting all that “astronaut” equipment for the 4 of us, dishing out a whole bunch of money realy quick, getting everyone enrolled in ski-school, trying to walk with skis, painfully making our way to where the adults met for lessons. Then learning the old, excruciating “Snow-plow”, and how side step, pick, pull and pry your butt up from a horizontal position. Then after an hour of experiencing nothing but a frustrating cold sweat, glancing over and seeing our 4 year old and 8 year old come flying down the slopes with their instructor, like they have been skiing for years. Those were indeed, the best of family times!
Tony, I’m glad you didn’t do a “Creecy” on a snowboard. That is suicide.