Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lucky Ole Wile E.

I went out for my first 09 coyote hunt this morning. It's 1-0, Coyotes. I missed just high and left. Nathan was filming.

I'll be back.


JON MEYERS said...

Props to Nathan for excellent filming & to Brian for using his APPLE to edit the film, as he would say, "it is cool, cuz APPLE did it".

Roger Mann said...

Are you sure that wasn't the neighborhood dog? :-)

Reepicheep said...

Roger- LOL!

Jon- Brian did nothing but put it on Youtube

jeff said...

Dude, that's awesome. I want to try 'yote hunting sometime. I think next year I'll give it a go. That and fox too.

Keep at it! Any deer season left out there?

Frontier Forest said...

Great pic’s, bad shooten’! Wonder if the folks who have been loosing pets in Overland Park would hire the Currey/Felich team?

Anonymous said...

You know I support hunting, but have to ask a question on this one. What's the purpose of a coyote hunt? Is it attacking or eating livestock? Was it hunting you and Nathan, and therefore it was self defense? Surely there is reason behind all of this? I had always been taught that if you kill it you eat it. You don't just kill for fun. So, what does coyote stew taste like, eh? Or are you keeping the pelts? When are you going to get that new coat for the wife finished? I have seen a coyote coat that was beautiful. Just thought try to activate the old grey matter on this one. Perhaps the well documented disgust of poor innocent puppies motivates this? Just asking.

just me,

barnezy said...

We're you shooting with a 3 inch barrel off-handed? How did you miss that coyote? He's probably going to eat some neighborhood dog now. HA HA!

Reepicheep said...


The state of Kansas department of wildlife and parks has determined we have too many coyotes which causes an imbalance in the ecosystem, therefore a certain number need to be removed. Additionally, the coyotes I hunt are on cattle ground, that location in particular is where cattle will be calving soon. Coyotes attack and sometimes kill calves. Too many coyotes there is not a good thing. As for keeping the pelt, the market has severely plummeted to the point where you can get something like $8 for a cleaned pelt (which takes a couple hours to do), so I'm not too interested in that.

I haven't tried coyote meat...sounds interesting.

Finally, given my shooting skill, Ole Wile E. is pretty safe, most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I figured there had to be a good reason and just wanted to ask. I am all for harvesting, game control and good conservation management. It just happens to also be a great opportunity to get out in the wild with friends, family or just yourself and the Lord. You know I respect you and your exploits, so you better brush up on that aim. How did you miss that shot?


Frontier Forest said...

Great come back answer and a stand up reason for skeptical Mike.
Hate to admit it, but I kind a wondererd the same thing?