Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Stimulus" plan will only make things worse- Schiff


Michael Lockridge said...

"Hands off" was my vote. I wrote the President, I wrote my "representatives." Look what we got.

Unfortunately the previous administration was not better, with a protracted war and economic policies designed to let the upper levels of society take the cream off the top of the economy.

I always agree to smaller government and less intervention. Let the bubble burst, let things settle.

We won't get that with Obama, we wouldn't have gotten it with John "Bush III" McCain.

We must learn to survive in spite of the government, no matter what plan they come up with.


Reepicheep said...

I basically agree, but we've gone from the frying pan (Bush) smack in to the flaming fire (Obama). It's going to get bad.

Start buying gold.

Rick Calohan said...

I have been repeating the Rush Limbaugh mantra since he was asked by Baba WaWa regarding this recession he said, "I choose not to participate." I think the less we become depended and demanding from Government the sooner our nation will recover. Unfortunately, I am not the President because one of my first executive orders would be to abolish all Government Departments that are not mission essential or vital to national security.

Frontier Forest said...

Have to confess, I didn’t watch Schiff snipit and didn’t want to. My business is depressed enough, but must share this. Yesterday, Missionary from India, Pastor Phil Fiol made a comment during his sermon that hit me right in the face! Comment went something like this, “So now we have a new president, and million now are thinking, ‘he is the answer! All will be better!’ But we know, that thinking is wrong. So don’t look to man for answers, we are to be busy about His Mission!”