Monday, January 12, 2009

The timeless chin beard enjoys a resurgence

I know not all people are fond of the "chin beard", but please recognize it's historic nature. Most scholars believe (OK, some scholars...oh, alright, none that I know of, but still, it's likely....)"pre Fall" Adam had one.
One of my favorite theologian/philosophers, Francis Schaeffer, sported one of the more classic chin beards in Presbyterian history...some wild eyebrows, but the chin beard is unmatchable.

Lincoln had a more Amish thing going, but undeniably characteristic and memorable.

C. Everrett Koop was the most stylin' Surgeon General in U.S. History because of his commitment to the chin beard.

Weird Al had the best days of his career while sporting the chin hairs.

James Hetfield, lead singer and guitarist of Metallica, has legitimized the chin beard in the world of heavy metal.

Even my son (at age 9 no less) has revolutionized elementary school fashion with his sweet, thick, light brown chin beard.

The trend is sweeping our church. You'll note these four Redeemer brothers sporting their chin whiskers just yesterday at church. Darryl and John even matched their outfits.

More to come.


Frontier Forest said...

And just think, Brother Baker chickened out! But I am more of the coward…. Just couldn’t stand the heat coming forth from the Woodward Manor kitchen!
You sure missed a great photo opp! Should have taken the "Brother's 4" pic, with Brother Calvin's extra fine “master-fleece” in the background!

Zach said...

Tony, you're a handsome man and all, but chin beards just creep me out. They make a man look like a cult member or a teenager wannabe. I thought that photo of the great Francis Schaeffer was Tom Waits!

Please, for the love of all that's holy, add a mustache to the mix! :)

Qayaq said...

The good thing about hair under the chin is that it hides fat under the chin. If only I could grow hair that long over my stomach.

barnezy said...

Hey, how come I'm not in that picture? I've been sporting the chin hair for 8 years.

Reepicheep said...

Barnezy- you have been a man among boys for a long time, no doubt. I commit to including you in my next installment in the not too distant future. Be patient...

Anonymous said...

When I saw Weird Al's name come up in an article on chin beards, I was a bit surprised to see a pic of the fake beard from Amish Paradise. Because he also has a very nice real chin beard:

or see:

Of course, he only wears this excellent adornment of nature some of the time. I call it his "come-and-goatee."