Monday, January 26, 2009

Woman's Right to Know and See Legislation in Kansas

Lance Kinzer, a member of Redeemer, has introduced a tremendous bill in our State House of Representatives! Way to go Lance!

"Woman's Right to Know and See" bill introduced
Story by 49 News staff and wire report
5:38 p.m. Monday, January 26, 2009

A group of both Republicans and Democrats today introduced a bill related to abortion. They call it the "Woman's Right to Know and See" bill.

It would require doctors who use a sonogram to provide a copy of that sonogram to a woman considering an abortion.

It would also require that the woman be allowed to hear the fetal heartbeat.
"Folks who are pro-life and even folks who are pro-choice can agree on something, and that is that no one should have an abortion without having full and accurate information about the status of their pregnancy," said Representative Lance Kinzer, who introduced the bill.

Peter Brownlie, president of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, called the legislation unnecessary and intrusive. He said Planned Parenthood already provides that information to women.

The bill was introduced in the Kansas House of Representatives today.

Of course there looms the real possibility of the U.S. Congress and President Obama passing the "Freedom of Choice Act" that would effectively trump state-imposed restrictions on abortion. Note this article:

Kinzer introduces expansion of Women's Right to Know Act

Women contemplating an abortion would be offered a chance to see a sonogram of their baby as well as other information on fetal development and maternal health to help inform their choice, under a bill filed Monday by Rep. Lance Kinzer, an Olathe Republican.

Kinzer said the bill was a “natural extension” of Kansas’ current Woman’s Right to Know Act.
“Basically, it would ensure that before an abortion occurred, a woman would have access to the most up-to-date information to make sure she was truly and voluntarily informed,” Kinzer told Kansas Liberty.

But the bill could fall victim, even before it’s debated in the Kansas Legislature, to the Obama administration, which has made passage of the Freedom of Choice Act a top priority.

Certainly, the president’s support for the Freedom of Choice Act is concerning,” Kinzer said. “It would be the most radical position ever taken by the federal government with regard to abortion, and I would hope more moderate Democrats would look at how radical it really is. It would take the broad license to receive an abortion in this country and make it absolutely unfettered. The impact would be devastating.”

The Freedom of Choice Act, for which Obama repeatedly expressed support during the campaign, would in effect rescind all regulations and restrictions on abortion adapted by states.
Kinzer said the Freedom of Choice Act would require congressional approval, unlike the executive order signed by Obama Friday that lifted a policy imposed in 1984 by former President Ronald Reagan that prohibited U.S. dollars from funding family-planning clinics in other countries that promote abortion or provide referrals to abortion providers.
Kinzer’s bill attracted 38 co-sponsors, including four Democrats.

It would require abortion doctors to meet face-to-face with prospective abortion recipients 30 minutes before a procedure was scheduled to commence, to offer an opportunity to view any sonograms taken of the fetus leading up to an abortion and to offer to let the mother hear the fetus’ heartbeat.

Kinzer emphasized that the bill would not require women to look at a sonogram before undergoing an abortion.

It just requires that doctors offer that opportunity,” he said. In addition, women would be offered, prior to an abortion, information about alternatives and about available counseling services. Abortion clinics also would be required to post signage that women have a right to change their mind about an abortion at any time leading up to the procedure.


Rick Calohan said...

Tony thank you for bringing Lance’s work to light, and Lance thank you for being the William Wilberforce on the abortion issue in the Kansas Legislature; "He, who saves a life, saves the world."

Zach said...

Well done, Lance--and thanks for the update, Tony.

Frontier Forest said...

We stand steadfast with our brave warrior! It will be a formidable fight, especially in light of what our president says he will do. But we must never give up! And I agree Rick, Lance is truly a Wilber-force that liberals will have to deal with. For the rights of the unborn will never go silent under Lance’s watch!