Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Pelosi Gem

In an effort to scare people in to thinking the Federal government is the only hope for fixing the ailing economy, get a load of what Speaker Pelosi says- "every month we don't have a stimulus package 500 million Americans lose their jobs"!

This is an incredible statement given the current total U.S. Population is under 330 million people.

Why didn't the CNN correspondent catch it?


Rick Calohan said...

As of February 5, 2009 the U.S. population is at 305,752,121 and the world is World 6,758,480,741 according to the Census webpage. If I use your figure Tony and with a little bit of Pelosi math I would say there are about 25 million illegal aliens in the United States. By using Speaker San Fran Gran Nan math that comes to 195 million illegal aliens in the United States;

With the upcoming census in 2010, The Neo-Marxist Democrats are always concerned about an undercount, and hey with 500 million unemployed Americans every month accounting for 7.2% of the labor market losing their homes it would become very hard to account for the 6 Billion Americans who will be unemployed by the end of the year. Especially when our unemployment population is about to exceed the World Population figure also from July 2008 of 6,706,993,152 in 14 months, so my question is how many electoral votes will be given to our most populous state California which currently has 55? The 2008 population estimate for California is 36,756,666 or by Speaker Pelosi estimate?

jeff said...

Tony, you're forgetting that we added on a whole bunch of people now that we have 57 states...

Jim said...

Given the thrown stone, I'd have to guess that you've never, ever misspoke in a sermon.

pjw said...

Plus all the people registered by ACORN!

Even if she meant to say "thousand" instead of "million," there aren't 500,000 people losing their jobs every month--are there???

And the CNN correspondent probably didn't catch it, because we're so used to hearing "hundred million" that it doesn't even have any meaning any more.

Reepicheep said...

Of course I have mispoken in a sermon before. That's not the point of this post Jim.

The point is twofold-
first, it is her zeal to scare people in to adopting an ineffective, pork-laden, immoral spending package, that caused her to speak in such bloated terms. I mean, saying 500,000 job losses per month would have been a stretch enough, especially BECAUSE A STIMULUS PACKAGE ISN"T BEING PASSED. What a joke.
Second, it's amazing that CNN didn't immediately correct what she said, instead, they just let her crazy number stay out there. Shoddy journalism.

I will say this, I have never mispoken en route to scaring people about something, if I did, I would retract it immediately.

Kampfgruppe-H said...

Why couldn't she be one of the 500 million? WHY?