Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Football brilliance

Lionel Messi is having an incredible season for Barcelona.

The Argentine phenom has been playing professional soccer at a high level since he was 16. Diego Maradona (arguably the greatest player of all time, next to Pele anyways) has dubbed Messi his successor. Here are a few highlights from Messi's career. He has already added several more this season, I'll post a reel of those when the season is over.

Even if you are not a soccer fan, you have to recognize the athletic brilliance of Messi.


Hammons said...

pure skill---
check his skill out the argentina vs. france game highlights at


Kenneth Laing Harris said...

One thing that I love about Messi is how hard he works to stay on his feet pursuing the ball, which he does regardless of whether he is working to set someone else up or take the shot himself. Many other players would take a dive at numerous points at which Messi just keeps working. The level of skill that he has combined with such a relentless and unselfish work ethic makes him a great player for a team not just for what he produces on the pitch, but also for how he helps form his teammates.

Reepicheep said...

Ken! Your description of Messi is right on, and it mirrors what I remember of your pace of play back in the day (not to mention our latest Alumni game)!

peruvianpredator said...

I am proud you used the proper name of the sport, although FUTBOL would have been better.
Go RPC United for the 3rd title!