Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Foster/Adoption Update

Many of you have been praying for my family as we have been finishing the process of becoming licensed to be foster parents in Kansas.

At the end of January we received our full license to care for children 0-5 years old. It was a long, arduous process. Our particular license allows us to foster two children (a sibling pair) long term and for shorter term emergencies we can have three. If any of the children we foster become adoptable, we'll have the first opportunity if the Lord leads us in that direction. We definitely want to adopt eventually, however we also want to be foster parents for small children, so by God's grace we'll probably do both. We'll see. There's just so much need.

So now we are waiting for our first "placement". It could happen tonight, next week, or next month. There's no way to know. I hope we're ready.

There are a few prayer requests, if you have opportunity to lift us before God's throne:

1. Pray that God would give us-our whole family, the boys included- grace to love and care for any child or children that come in to our home.

2. Pray that our sons would not see another child as an intrusion or someone who will take their parents attention away but as one who they can show the love of Jesus to.

3. Pray for Shari as she will bear the brunt of the daytime foster parenting. Any child under five will take some getting used to again.

4. Pray that we have opportunity to share Christ with foster children and their parents as we assist in the process of re-introducing the child back in to their home when the time is right.

Thanks so much!


Rick Calohan said...

Praise God! for both of you and your children and those that God may bring your way via fostering and or adoption. You know regardless of where you sit in our home fellowship group you and your family, are always in our thoughts and our prayers!

The Crazy Bus said...

Tony, what you and Shari and the boys are doing is wonderful, and I already know that what you will give to the children who come into your home will be a precious gift. I am certain Shari will do wonderfully! She will get lots of support from your friends and family as well. I wish we lived closer! May God bless you and your whole family as you embark on this endeavor together. We are so excited for you all, and without a doubt, God will use you all in some amazing ways!! I 'm so excited!
Danielle (and Jeff too!)
and the boys too! :)

Zach said...

Your family is in my prayers, Tony. May God bless your generosity to these children--and them through you.

Frontier Forest said...

Feeling pretty down and selfishly sorry for myself today. Then reading your heart-felt thoughts, feeling the entire Felich family’s relentless grace-filled, giving attitudes, and your humble prayer requests, brings me peace in the midst of my trivial storms. All of us at Redeemer will rejoice when that glorious day arrives! What an example your family has shown all of us.... putting passionate ideals and beliefs into practical, patient practice.

KY ICU NURSE said...

Me and Mike also want to be foster parents adopt, etc...I feel so encouraged that you and Shari also have the same mindset. I will pray for your family and the boys, that is the only hesitation I have is bringing in another child and my childrens faith suffering. We know as adults that we can show CHrists love to these unwanted children that may never have heard of Jesus, but children see it with a whole different set of glasses....