Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Honeymoon Euphoria can be dangerous

Begin rant...
Recent polls have showed the general public disagreeing with President Obama's first two executive orders. Read here.

According to polls, 58% of the public disagrees with Obama spending U.S. Taxpayer money overseas to fund abortions. While this percentage is sadly low, it is still a majority greater than the one that elected him to the White House.

According to polls, 54% of the public disagrees with Obama's order to close Guantanamo inside of a year, that's about the same percentage of the population that elected him.

So, his first two "presidential" actions are opposed by most Americans. Interesting. What is concerning to me is how, despite disapproving of his two executive orders (made within the first 48 hours of his presidency), the article referenced above states something that is supported by his 73 % approval ratting-

"Despite clear disapproval to the two executive orders, an overwhelming majority of Americans said they supported the president's first actions as president."

Wow! That says a whole lot about the scary mindset of our country. We're in a weird, euphoric, honeymoon-like state that seems to be fine overlooking two very bad executive orders because we just love him so much. It's like he can do anything and people will still approve of his job performance. I say we're in a scary place politically right now.

Add to the unpopularity of his executive orders his promotion of the joke of an "economic" stimulus package that is now being debated. A current Gallup poll is showing a growing skepticism about the President's plan. It contains billions in wasteful, ridiculous, non-long term economy-growing spending that will likely do little to stave off the impending crisis and a lot to strap our children (forget grand children, pay day is coming very soon for us all). Yet, despite the apparent widespread discomfort with the various potential $800-900 billion stimulus plans that are being debated, it seems inevitable something on this scale will get passed. It has to...right? I mean the President thinks so. He inists.
For the sake of our collective, national future, I seriously hope people get over this crazy, irrational, honeymoon mindset that seems willing to allow whatever our new messiah wants to promote.
end rant...


Phantom495 said...

It will be interesting to see how the public responds over the next few days to the great "infallible" Presiden Obama making mistakes in his choices for cabinet members, all of whom seem to have trouble abiding by the law!

I am sure the spin machine (leftover clintonistas) is in full swing!


Reepicheep said...

I think Obama could pick Jack Kevorkian for Secretary of Health and Human Services and it would get passed.

Rick Calohan said...

Well I do not foresee him being impeach and remove from office unless Republicans regain control of the House and Senate in 2010. As you pointed out in the last election American’s vote with their wallet and obviously the majority of those who voted in the last election do not care about abortion. If God is sovereign in all things (OK Reform Christians know God is sovereign but most Americans do not), then all things that we oppose regarding President Obama will come to fruition and Americans will vote for an alternative which would be someone who is Conservative Socially and Fiscally. Until then get use to a media that is 80-90% liberal supporting the President as they did with Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Since conservatives use the Republican Party as the vehicle then conservative voters had better start voting in numbers for conservative candidates in the Republican Party with a clear alternative message otherwise get use to the socialism Comrade!

Reepicheep said...

It's time for a new party. Republican means very little to me any more. Sorry.

Frontier Forest said...

It aint starten’ out very good. Ron Paul is beginning to look like a prophet.

Rick Calohan said...

“It's time for a new party. Republican means very little to me any more. Sorry.”

While, I may agree with your sentiment the reality is that a Conservative Party on the national stage is not viable. From your home state of New York, only one Conservative Party candidate ever made it to national office, James Buckley the older brother of William F. Buckley Jr. was Senator of New York.

In the House, not a single Republican voted for the stimulus bill, and in the Senate there are conservative Republicans such as Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Jeff Sessions of Alabama, and John Cornyn of Texas are leading the opposition to the stimulus bill in the Senate.

While I am dismayed at the state of the Republican Party due to its fiscal malfeasance when in it was in power, and pandering to the middle in the last two elections, considering the alternative of a predominately Neo-Marxist Democratic Party, a third party while ideal will not succeed in America.

The way to change this starts locally by voting for conservatives in the Republican primaries, by nominating conservative candidates with not only an articulate way of expressing ideas but standing firm by those ideas. A candidate or candidates who are attractive to not only Social Conservatives and Fiscal Conservatives, yes dare I say it a Ronald Reagan who could bring in working class Americans in vast numbers.

President Obama has the advantage a government media complex that is over 80% in his court. However, North Korea is rattling its sabers, Iran is probably within one year of testing nukes, and after three weeks in office, we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan if he does not surrender to the terrorist by the Neo-Marxist timeline he maybe challenged within his own party. Not to mention he has angered those CEOs who accepted bailouts but now have to accept a salary cap of $500,000.

However, if Republicans fail to support and vote for conservative candidates within the Party, and Republicans fail to promote and support the Pro-Life agenda actively. If Republicans fail to be fiscally responsible while in power and fail to not only win the war but win the peace while in power then in frustration you will continue to see repeats performances of 2006 & 2008 with power not going to a third party but to the Neo-Marxist Democrats.