Thursday, February 5, 2009

The merit of the Chin Beard grows (so to speak)

Continuing my series on the resurgence of the timeless chin beard in recent times, I bring you additional examples. Perhaps the most "American" representation of the chin beard is embodied in Uncle Sam seen above. Surely a symbol of strength the world over.

There can be no doubt- The Count is the greatest of all Sesame Street characters. One might argue his chin beard may well be the most obvious reason for his mathematical success.

At first glance, given his physique, you might have thought this was a picture of me saying goodbye to Shari and one of my sons, but alas, it is not. It is Leonidas from the movie "300" about the Spartans. While he sports a moustache lessening his overall coolness, the vivid form and structure of his chin beard is so impressive I could not leave it out.

The late Karsten Solheim was the founder of PING golf clubs. Solheim had a carefully crafted chin beard Colonel Sanders himself could not rival! My appreciation for Solheim actually goes beyond his sweet chin whiskers. Solheim was VERY generous toward various Christian organizations including my college, Moody Bible Institute. He was a man used greatly by God.

While rank pagans, who could deny the great taste of the Egyptians when it came to stellar looking coffins? King Tut's is no exception. A gold chin beard! Wow.

There is no doubt about two things related to basketball phenom Kevin Garnett:
1. He is a better player having now joined the Celtics.
2. He was way cooler looking with his straggly chin beard as a member of the T-Wolves!

I'm not a big "Praise and Worship" genre fan, but I would be amiss not giving a chin beard shout out to David Crowder. Tremendous.

Certain closing pitchers have learned how intimidating a mean looking chin beard can be, and we all know how important intimidation is for every day life as well. Joel Zumaya has a nice one.

Bobby Jenks does also, not sure about the color though.

Again, in the spirit of local credit for sweet chin whiskers, I give you none other than long-time chin-beard sporter- Chris "Barnezy" Barnes. The dude looks studly with the chin beard.

I even have to admit our beloved youth pastor once sported a stylin' chin beard back in his college days. Brian's current facial hair schizophrenia should not take away from this noteworthy accomplishment in his past. As for the dyed blond hair? Oh well.


pjw said...

I dare you to wear the pink one!

Zach said...

"The merit of the Chin Beard"? Shoot, you could store a whole treasury of merit in some of those specimens! :)

Reepicheep said...

LOL're not luring me in with that one!

Frontier Forest said...

I am disappointed and totally crushed! You failed to show a picture or even mention Maynard G. Krebs!

Reepicheep said...

Oh, sorry Woody. I'll get him (her?) in the next installment.

Frontier Forest said...

Bet you never even heard of "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis?" Dobie's "beatnik" brainless side kick, was Maynard G Krebs. Maynard G's empty-headed, hang-loose, dropout incarnation of the 'cool' rebellious left was for runner to the 60's hippies. The big difference, Maynard was funny and everybody loves an idiot!

barnezy said...

I made the blog!!!! this might be the greatest thing to every happen to me. All of a sudden I feel a deep since of guilt having thought about shaving my chin a few days back, however you have given me new strength to carry on the lifestyle. For better or worse, that's how it's gonna be with me and my chin hair from now on. LOL! Thanks Tony