Monday, February 16, 2009

Wow, that's got some bite!

22 live scorpions down the hatch. Yummy. Sweet elevator music also.


The Crazy Bus said...

Tony. That is sooooo gross!I can't wait for Jeff to see this. Did your wife see it yet?

ugh. I feel a little ill.

Anonymous said...

now that is just dawg nasty!

and might I say, plain stupid!


Anonymous said...

At least Bear Grylls cuts the stinger off and most of the time the scopions are 2 to 3 times bigger, they are crunchier. Better yet Bear ate apples the other night on his show he had taken from bear poo, I think that trumphs the scorpions.
The Dude would have really made a statement if he ate all 21 at once.
No guts, No glory!

jeff said...

Ok, i can actually say I've eaten a scorpion before. It was dead though, so I guess it's different. It was rather crunchy.

Frontier Forest said...

That one pretty much did me in. I think I would rather watch the Turtle Man again.