Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Best NCAA Tourney by a (chin) Hair

Despite not being a committed basketball fan, I have gotten in to this years tournament more than ever. I have watched several games of the 2009 "Big Dance" and even went to the opening round games in the Sprint Center (Kansas City). I watched three full first round games and part of a fourth. Since then I have watched several more games including the KU-Michigan State "Sweet 16" game yesterday, the Mizzou-UConn "Elite Eight" game earlier today, and the Villanova-Pitt game earlier this evening. I even have a little passion about hoping Blake Griffin throws Tyler Hansbrough around like a rag doll in tomorrow's Oklahoma-UNC match up. What can I say? I'm a sports fan.

I knew this years tournament would be the best ever about 3 minutes in to the first game of the opening round between Memphis and Northland. How could I make such an assessment so soon? Easy. Take a look at the big man below. It's Pierre Henderson-Niles, the 300-pound forward for Memphis. As soon as he subbed in, I knew this would be a tournament for the ages.

Take a closer look. See what's on his chin? You got it- a chin beard. Then I looked around at other players on both teams. Chin beards everywhere. The phenomenon has been consistent across the conferences among all the teams. I suspect this years tournament has the most chin beards ever.

I don't know who will win the tournament, but it's already the best one ever in my a (chin) hair.


Rick Calohan said...

Funny I check my brackets at work but can no longer check out Reepicheep at work. Congratulations Tony you have made the Obama’s Enemy’s List! I am sure it was because of my subversive overtones that have blocked you from the Department of Homeland Security IT Security listings. By the way I picked Missouri to win it all, just goes to show what happens when you go with your heart and not your head at least sports wise.

Frontier Forest said...

Still waiting for a blog and a cool picture of Maynard G. Cribbs.