Monday, March 30, 2009

Close Call Bow Hunting

This is incredible footage. This bow hunter is very fortunate to be alive. A full grown moose like this weighs in excess of 1500 pounds.

For the record, I would not have recommended he take that shot. Not because of how close the moose was, but rather due to the bad angle. When harvesting an animal with a bow and arrow, you should allow the animal to get broadside to ensure a double-lung hit. In this case, the animal was facing the hunter, just barely turning broadside. A double-lung shot at such an angle is almost impossible.

A double-lung shot or a heart shot guarantees the animal to go down within 20 seconds and makes for an easy recovery. Any shot a hunter takes should produce a quick, clean, kill. This shot was just too risky, in my opinion. It's easy to say what I would have done sitting here, but as a general rule, taking a broadside shot is the most ethical practice and we should pass on taking animals if we can't get such a shot.

What a magnificent animal.

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Frontier Forest said...

Bet ya both them dudes had some camouflage britches that had to be thrown out.