Monday, March 23, 2009

A frustrating blow to the Pro-life cause

"ND Betrayal"

Cartoon by Zach Brissett

It has just been announced that The University of Notre Dame has secured President Obama to speak at it's commencement later this Spring.

This decision on the part of Roman Catholicism's most prestigious and well-known American university has rightly angered the many pro-life members of the RC Church. Words cannot describe how insulting this is to my Roman Catholic friends who are actively involved in standing up for the sanctity of human life. Very frankly, as it relates to the matter of fighting for the rights of the unborn, there is no greater corporate advocate than the Roman Catholic Church . Such a decision is a serious blow to the pro-life cause in the U.S.

I am praying the local bishop or even the Roman Pontiff himself will step in and reverse the decision of the Notre Dame officials responsible by de-inviting President Obama.
To understand the dynamics of this situation, go to this article on The Catholic Thing blog:

Is Obama Worth a Mass? by Ralph McInerny


Rick Calohan said...


Since I use to work in the Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Education from 2003-2007 and Matt Staples can attest to it, Notre Dame, like Covenant Theological Seminary receives Federal Funding rather it be through Pell Grants, Student Loans, of Montgomery G.I. Bill, therefore Washington, D.C. and not Rome is calling the shots, and unlike Covenant Theological Seminary, Notre Dame has decided to honor President Obama by allowing him to be the commencement speaker. The difference between ND and CTS is that CTS is the National Seminary of the PCA, ND is NOT the national seminary for American Roman Catholics.

Based on testimony of many a Cafeteria Catholics I have met who were raised in the post Vatican II era, many are unfamiliar with the teaching of the RCC, the Roman Catholic Catechism, Dogmas, and those that are familiar would prefer a non-Ecumenical approach and a Latin Mass. In fact go to an RCIA class and you are more likely to hear ecumenical version of Roman Catholicism that would be right in line with many a mainline liberal Protestant church. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that South Bend is now in lock step with Obama administration.

While, many fine lay Catholics are on the front lines of the Pro-Life issue, and on that issue and on practically all social issues we can reach an accord short of ECT, the leadership at Notre Dame has spoken, and if I may quote from the infamous Council of Trent, let Notre Dame be an ANATHEMA!

grj said...

May the Lord have mercy on us...and may He return soon...amen

Frontier Forest said...

A crushing blow indeed! On a much smaller scale, I have sent email request entitled “Researching my vote” to every candidate running for public office in Olathe’s upcoming April 7th election. With my purpose being plain and straightforward, I ask the question, “What is your stand on sanctity of life and protecting the rights for the unborn?” One response from Jim Churchman, running for Olathe School board was very encouraging. His wife responded, “Jim is pro-life and endorsed by Kansans for Life. If you go to Jim’s website and click on “community endorsements” you will find the Kansans for Life endorsement listed under “civic endorsements.” My husband and I feel strongly that our faith and core values must never be pushed aside or compromised for any elected office. I hope I have been helpful in answering your question. I know Jim will want to respond to you, as well.”
But so far, Mr. Churchman is the exception! Here is the typical vague, politically correct response, “My religious service is on the _____ committee at Church_______. I believe this speaks to my involvement in multiple aspects of our community and to my service in the financial sector of a nonprofit organization. As a member of the Board of Education, I have a responsibility to maintain an outstanding public school system that will contribute to quality of life for all of our students, our staff and our community. I hope I have your vote in the April 7th election. Best Regards, ____. Only those who will speak the truth and stand for life, will get my vote!

Phantom495 said...

I agree whole-heartedly Woodster! I have had enough of these mealy-mouthed, spine-less political types who can't seem to give a straight answer to anything. Are you pro-life or pro-death? Are you for Christ or against Christ? It is very simple to me; we either vote for those who stand for Biblical Christianity and Christ our Saviour or we turn our communities, states, and nation completely over to those who don't really know God and who would rather capitulate and compromise Biblical Truths than commit to the only True God!

We must become zealous for our Sovereign!

Frontier Forest said...

A TRUTH response from a candidate to support! Mr Jim Churchman, running for the Olathe School Board in the upcoming April 7th election.

Dear Mr. Woodward,
Thank you for your note and for reaching out to me regarding my campaign. I am truly grateful for you researching candidates and working to understand their values. This election is about many things, none more important, however, than values, truth and transparency. I believe that a representative of the people should never make the community wonder where they stand on issues.
It states in Proverbs (Prov 27:19), “As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.” Simply, I am Pro-Life and fully support the sanctity of life. To me, this is not an issue that one can skirt around – either you are, or you are not. As my wife had indicated, I am endorsed by Mary Kay Culp and Kansans for Life. In addition, my wife, Kim, and I are active in the Kansas Family Policy Council, an effort across Kansas to support the strengthening of families and in an effort to gain affiliation with Focus on the Family. Kansas is currently only one of 13 states in the nation without a Focus On the Family affiliation.
I adhere to the belief that the real election date is not on the first Tuesday in April, but rather at a time when we stand before God himself and account for our time on this earth. Again, thank you for your note, your willingness to display one of my signs in your yard, and your consideration to support my campaign.
Please let me know if there is ever anything that I may do on your behalf.
God bless, Jim Churchman
(913) 685-1648