Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Lesson we MUST Learn from Britain!!

Daniel Hannan, MEP for South East England, gives a speech during British PM Gordon Brown´s visit to the European Parliament yesterday. Wow.

These words should ring across our country in light of our government's present course.

Watch it all.


Emily V said...

I said it on FB, but I'll say it again here. CHILLING! I want this guy to have this discussion with BO!

Phantom495 said...

Wouldn't it be great if our conservative politicians in the US had the testicular fortitude of this guy?!

Anonymous said...

This gentleman has more backbone that any one in politics in Washington DC. Washington politicians are like Fish they flip,flop on all issues and then waffle when it comes time to stand up for what they believe in.
Lets start a new political party
CCP and elect this man as spokesman.


Rick Calohan said...

Considering we have our first foreign born President in Obama, I believe MEP Hannan would meet the constitution requirements to run in opposition in 2012.

pjw said...

He was on Glenn Beck's show this afternoon, and Glenn was going off as uaual, and Hannan laughed and said he wished they had that kind of TV show in Britain! Sounds like we could use a little of the best of each country.

Frontier Forest said...

Relating to our mess, too appalling to make a constructive comment, but agree with Rick, let him come here and shake a few rotten trees out of the ground.