Thursday, March 5, 2009

Load up

I own quite a few firearms, let's just say more that a dozen. I like my guns. I enjoy hunting with them and target shooting. I think having one or three is good for home defense also.

Yesterday I went to several of my usual ammo supply stores (Wal Mart, Dick's, Cabela's, and Bass Pro) only to find their shelves severely depleted of all the most common centerfire rounds for rifles and handguns. I talked to the various sales people and their stories were identical- they can't keep rifle and hand gun ammo on the shelf. It sells the day it arrives. Why is this so?

Brent Mattis gives the basic answer:

Since it became likely that Obama was going to win the election, groups like the NRA and GOA (Gun Owners of America) have been highlighting past statements by Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, suggesting that while in office he would ban and regulate guns much more severely than previous administrations.

Highlighted proposals include: A 500% ammo tax, a ban on all military-pattern rifles, a ban on magazines with a greater than ten round capacity, federally licensing all gun owners and registering their guns. As a result, gun shows, ranges, military bases, shooting matches, online forums, etc., have been a cacophony of people fueling the fear of an upcoming ban. Gun owners, who have never seen, much less held a military-pattern rifle, are going out and purchasing $1200 AR-15's, a pile of 30-round magazines, and cases of 5.56mm ammo. Gun owners that already own such a rifle are going out and purchasing all the military pattern rifles they think they will EVER want/need. The presumption, of course, is that the ban will be similar to the federal Assault Weapon Ban of 1994 or the California ban of 2000 that grandfathered all preexisting guns.

Personally, I'm not going to freak out too much just because President Obama and his new attorney general don't care much for the Second, I'll just stay calm and wait their term out.

But, here's Shari's revised grocery list-

2 boxes of 9mm ammo (50 rounds ea.)
Macaroni and Cheese
1 box of .243 ammo (soft point)
Diet Coke
2 boxes of .223 ammo
Frozen Chicken nuggets
4 boxes of cereal
1 box of 7 mag ammo (20 rounds)
English Muffins
2 boxes of .22 ammo (long rifle)
Pop Tarts
1box of .308 ammo (20 rounds)
Cream Cheese
Orange Juice
2 boxes of .30-.30 ammo (for my trusty lever action cowboy gun)
Granola bars
Microwave popcorn
2 boxes of military issue 6mm ammo
Powdered sugar
Chocolate chips
1 case of 12-gauge shot gun shells (#4's)
Sandwich meat

Repeat next month...


Frontier Forest said...

I have two shotguns and one Remington 22 cal semiautomatic rifle. I have tried to convince Cheri that we need a handgun in the house but so far, not making any headway. I will print off your blog and take it home. I know she will listen to Pastor Tony. Your blog today is an additional wake up call for all of us. I have to admit, I am terribly disappointed and deeply distressed by most everything Obama has done, especially with the liberals running wild, in charge and “at-play.” The president’s arrogant raid on our second amendment rights is terribly disturbing, but it seems a fact, it is just the beginning.

jeff said...


Rick Calohan said...

I do not have a pistol, I do not have riffle, I do not own a weapon, and after being an Army Supply Specialist / Unit Armourer, I never refer to firearms as guns. However, the second amendment to the United States Constitution gives me, and all other law abiding Americans the right to own one or an infinite amount of arms if I so desire.

The trouble with those who are opposed or would restrict people from owning firearms, is that the laws they pass do not and have not ever stopped a hardened criminal. It’s not firearms that kill people, it is people who kill people. At last check, I do not recall Cain killing Abel with a firearm.

Anonymous said...

I've had several firearms in my life. Some for four legged animals and I have always had a firearm for 2 legged animals.
I'm a firm beleiver that all women should know how to use a fire arm and be confortable having one around.
In my short life I have never seen a fire arm with a mind of it's own.
Right on Rick!

jeff said...

A friend of mine like to say, "If guns kill people, then pencils mispell words and forks make people fat"

William said...

Will sumboddy pleez come over hear and take my pincil and fork?

Michael Lockridge said...

I have worked in law enforcement for the past 19 years. I carry a taser and pepper spray on duty. I have used the pepper spray. I work in a jail.

Over the years I have developed some competence in hand-to-hand combat. I am also a Viet Nam Era (never in country) Vet, and learned a lot of interesting things gleaned by the Army from the Vietnamese people and many other sources.

I own no weapons other than my many utility knives, hatchets and the amazing array of everyday items that make surprisingly fine weapons in time of need.

Firearms are too expensive for me as a hobby, and I find it much easier to pay others to kill my meat. It is messy and troublesome, and way too much work for the reward unless compelled by need. Pound for pound, it is expensive to hunt your own unless it pays a huge personal dividend.

That said, I would love to see weapons of every kind deregulated. Every person should be free to arm themselves as they see fit. I am partial to close range blunt trauma weapons, but this is simply personal taste.

Over time they may constrain my right to arm myself. Unless they regulate belts, socks and shoe laces, I assure you that I am ALWAYS armed. If I ever really need a gun, I can get one. ;)

Unfortunately it is the nature of regulators to regulate. That is why I promote the greatest political party (which I of course invented.) The Waffle Party. Every election vote the incumbent out. Don't ever give them time to do anything.

By the way, having so many different forms of ammunition is a logistical nightmare. Two forty five cal wheel guns and a lever action rifle chambered for forty five pistol rounds requires only one form of ammo. Good firepower, reasonably portable and not prohibitively expensive.