Friday, March 20, 2009

Nero fiddling while Rome burns- Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is overly dramatic at times, however he made some good observations in light of President Obama's stop at the Tonight Show last night.


Anonymous said...

Lets see, Obama on the tonite show last night put his foot in his mouth and today Obama sends a message to Iran not only in english but in a language he speaks very well and the Iranians understand well.
OH! And Obama is taking the blame on himself for the mistakes of the Secretary of the Treasury's mistake, Umh! Obama is sure working on increasing his popularity in this country and around the world. And how about the cost to tax payers for the Tonite show appreance?
Just my 2cents worth or with the economy my 1/2 cents worth.

Rick Calohan said...

That’s eerie, either Glen Beck is stealing my lines, or his words are seeping into my brain when I fall asleep on the couch.

Before watching this clip, I wrote on your post about Shep,

“Wake up America, your reality is not what is on TV, do not allow your government media complex to pacify and codify you into submission. If the congress can get away with attempting an unconstitutional tax arbitrary aimed at employees at AIG tomorrow it might be you.”

I like GB, but I did not find the President Obama’s Leno Tonight Show appearance to be a big deal. He is after all the President of the United States and what better place than LA LA land Hollywood to find a bunch of unemployed screen play writers to write the next crisis scenario for this administration.

Frontier Forest said...

Like Rick, radical, extremist Glenn Beck is pushing the envelope for me. He is so negative I just can’t listen to him anymore. But then talking about new shows! How about the new Huckabee show on FOX! Things are awful, for sure, but Mike talks about the issues then finds something good and positive that come come from Americans standing together. Last Saturday, Mike took his show to Elkhart, Indiana. He was promoting the town and their outstanding work force. This one city has been hit with one of the highest unemployment rates in America. The RV and coach businesses manufacturing has dropped to zero. It was a positive portrayal of America that will recover.
Also, I personally thought Obama did a great job on Leno. I don’t see one thing wrong in these kind of candid “town-hall” forums. He was honest and most sincere and the questions he was asked by Leno, helped me settle a bit of my own outraged anger. I think we all need to cool off a bit and try to focus on the good.