Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh man....T.O. in Buffalo

As a long time Buffalo Bills fan I have often wondered what more could possibly happen to my home city to make their football heartache any worse?

Well, my question was answered today when they signed the immensely talented head-case Terrell Owens. I enjoyed watching him mess up the Cowboys chemistry and even mocked "America's Team" because of him. (Here and especially Here)

Looks like what goes around has come around.

I understand the signing, but it scares me to death. The Bills are in desperate need of a possession receiver to offset Lee Evans. Evans has been easily double teamed the past two seasons being the only game-breaking receiving threat the Bills have. The Bills missed out on signing another solid receiver, Lavernius Coles, early in the off season, so Owens has to be it. Owens could open Evans up if he doesn't start dissin' him (and QB Trent Edwards... and anyone else who ticks him off) first.

Can Terrell behave for one season, just to get the Bills over the proverbial hump?


Anonymous said...

The only way TO will face the Cowboys this year is in the Super Bowl. That would be good drama. I will cheer for this to happen.

The Cowboy

Rick Calohan said...

Well, the Bills could move to Toronto. Despite T.O.’s antics to my knowledge he has yet to be charged and acquitted for the murder of his wife, and is not currently serving time in Lovelock, Nevada for kidnapping and armed robbery.

This Obama’s recession is really hitting the NFL, when T.O. was playing with the Eagles he made $7 million, with the Cowboys $10 million, and now only $6.5 million with Bills.

Go Steelers!
Super Bowl IX, X, XIII, XIV,XL, XLIII Champions!

Anonymous said...

At least T.O. is not a criminal, the only trouble he will create will be in the locker room. T.O. will be playing for a contract this year, so expect him to at least try to put up the hugh numbers he is capible of.

Reepicheep said...

Should be 'Stealers' after this year's lucky victory.

Rick, you have to be a Chief's fan. I'll allow the Yankee loyalty, that's just a result of intelligence. But claiming Pittsburgh? No way dude.

Rick Calohan said...

“Should be 'Stealers' after this year's lucky victory.”

Tony, I am surprised that you would use a term “lucky” with a fellow Calvinist. We both know it was “Divine Providence” and not luck, fate, or chance.

“Rick, you have to be a Chief's fan. I'll allow the Yankee loyalty, that's just a result of intelligence. But claiming Pittsburgh? No way dude.”

I believe I have explained how I became a Steelers fan before to your readers. I was two days shy of turning eight years old, on January 12, 1975 when Super Bowl IX was being played at Tulane Stadium. My dad asked before the game who was going to win between the Steelers and Vikings, and I picked the Steelers and have remained a fan of the Steelers ever since.

In addition, my family lived in Cross Creek and Canonsburg, Pennsylvania from 1712-1820’s. Of course, I was not aware of that until the 1990’s.

Just as it was 1976 when I became a Boston Celtics fan with #17 John Havlicek and my Celtic heritage.

Just as it was in 1977 when I became a Yankees fan after reading a story about Lou Gehrig in 5th grade History class.

Just as it was that I became St. Louis Cardinals fan in the National League was from my dad growing up on Stan the Man.

Just as it was that I became a St. Louis Blues fan (OK, a little sketchy here cuz I really don’t follow hockey just remember the one season after the Scouts left Kansas City the Blues played here then the Red Wings to wit I saw my first hockey game and well the only hockey team I really followed was the Blades and saw many of their games but they were a farm team to the San Jose Sharks. If the Penguins had came to KC who knows, but I guess since both the Blues and I have been in existence since 1967 is good enough reason. Yes, I know they have not won 27 championships like the Yankees, or 17 championships like the Celtics, 10 championships like the Cardinals or 6 championships like the Steelers, just look upon the Blues as my Repentance Team since they have never won the Stanley Cup.)

No not by my free will or by my fallen choices, but by Divine Providence.

And regarding Super Bowl XLIII although not posted on your blog I did inform you that my MVP for Super Bowl XLIII was Kurt Warner, “Kurt Warner is my MVP for Super Bowl XLIII (43 for the Roman Numeral Challenged) for the 100 yard interception to James Harrison, and the nice fumble to end the Cardinals’ final drive leaving 5 seconds for the Steelers to take a knee. Oh, by the way the NFL fined Ben Roethlisberger in early days of his career for having PFJ (Playing for Jesus) marked on his wristbands. Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers thus far the only NFL franchise to win six Super Bowl Championships, I think that qualifies them as the New York Yankees of the NFL.”

As, for the Kansas City sports teams, so long as the Chiefs are not playing the Steelers I root for them. As for the Royals, so long as they are not playing the Yankees or Cardinals I root for them.

Rick Calohan said...

Yes, I know the Yankees have only won 26 World Series Titles, but after this season it will be 27! : )

Reepicheep said...

You are ALWAYS entertaining Rick!

Frontier Forest said...

I know little about football, except that TO, like most of the so called “pro’s”, is a big-mouth, ego-feasting on self, hot-head. But, I can’t believe Tony would be guilty of using faithless words as “luck”? Rick, I had to go back and reread twice, and didn’t find anywhere in the discourse where Tony exercised such a horrible word?

Rick Calohan said...


If you look again you will see that Pastor Tony did use the word “lucky” in reference to the ‘Stealers’ however, in matters of non-Theological discourse Pastor Tony does not necessary speak or write in Ex Cathedra. : )

jeff said...

You know, come to think of it, Tony used the word "lucky" when referring to the NY (should be NJ) GIANTS Super Bowl victory in SB XLII in an earlier blog post.

Tony, my brother, I think you're just going to have to face the fact the God does not want the Bills to win the Super Bowl...

Anonymous said...

As much as you love Buffalo, I hope you have NFL ticket on DirecTV with DVR so you can watch it on Monday!! T.O. is poison!! He needs to be gone. Buffalo does not need him. The greatest game I have ever seen is the Bills come from behind game against the Oilers, one of the most amazing games I have ever watched. WHAT A 3rd QTR!!!!