Friday, March 20, 2009

Right on Shep!

I don't know much about Shep Smith, one of the key anchors at Fox news, but he's my new hero.

Check out his sobering last words on this clip.


Frontier Forest said...

Sure glad I listened carefully to Shep! I knew things were heading amuck, when I found myself actually agreeing with Uncle Barney, when he was demanding names from Liddy. What a mess. But like Obama said on Leno last night, “I’m going to fix it!” Like Shep stated, congress broke it, refused to deal with it, and now wants tax those greedy AIG and other jerks! No doubt, we got mad so congress through up some angry smoke. But the mirror should be pointed at them, these greedy jerks were only obeying the rotten laws that congress refused to deal with in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The only thing these folks in congress are doing is trying to sugar coat this whole absurd bail out. The majority of the Dems voted for the package and probably most of them benefited from AIG somewhere.
It sure doesn't take an extremely intelligent person to place restrictions on money that is borrowed to pay off debt, but alot of those in congress looks like idiots, and congress is not going to take the responsibility for their mistakes. Like a lot of society today they will put the blame on something or someone else. Shep's right on.

Rick Calohan said...

Everything that Shep said was true, the irony is that Congress, former President Clinton, former President Bush, SEC Chairman Chris Cox, former FRB Chairman Alan Greenspan, FRB Chairman Ben Bernanke, Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep. Barney Frank, Sen. Chris Dodd are all complacent and responsible for the Fannie Mae & Freddy Mac fiasco, which lead to greedy former CEO’s at AIG to Madoff ala Hedge Fund AIG into the ground, the Congress of the United States is responsible for creating $2 trillion dollars out of thin air to leverage out companies that got too greedy and cut corners to codify their investors.

Almost six years ago, May 1, 2003, President Bush said that major combat operations in Iraq are over. At $10 Billion dollars a month to keep the peace in Iraq when they (Iraq) have $80 Billion surplus $720 Billion.

Don’t get me wrong I believe we need to be vigilant and go after the terrorist whenever and wherever they may be, but we already won the ground war, this nation building and peace keeping operations surge or no surge can be done with surveillance, technology, a nominal presence in the region to secure our interest provided we don’t run our own naval ships into each other.

I find it odd that a country in debt is bailing out corporations that sole purpose is to enslave people into debt. It is not just AIG and their hedge fund scheme gone amuck.

Look at all the bank mergers, do you remember Bank One? You now know them at Capital One. Do you remember Fleet and MBNA, you now know them at Bank of America, do you remember Juniper they are now Barclay. So its only fitting that securities are doing the same thing. Wichovia and Meril Lynch Wells Fargo and Bank of America. We bought our home in July 2008, the original mortgage company Everhome, two months later our mortgage without our consent was sold to Wells Fargo.

Mergers are not new, but who can keep track of all these businesses. Obviously not the SEC which should have, oh wait, I’m sorry the SEC Chairman, oh but we don’t have the mechanisms in place to look at a Bear Sterns, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley.

What’s done is done we can not go back in time and fix what happened. However, we can show Congress that we don’t like the bailouts by not supporting those who voted for the bailouts in the first place.

Five key things brought about President Obama.

1. Mission Accomplished “THEN WHY ARE WE STILL THERE?”
2. No articulate conservative counter balance to Obama ala Bush/ McCain, if I wanted a teleprompter President I much preferred Fred Thompson.
3. Suspending a campaign to vote the same way as your opponent: Way to go John McCain who was advising you the New York Times?
4. Rhino Moderate Blue Blood Republicans you know half of the GOP party in Johnson County who voted for Dennis Moore and President Obama. Do yourselves a favor just crossover already, ala Snowe, Collins, Spector.

5. Majority of those Americans voters were indoctrinated in the Government public schools who have been brainwashing, socializing, and destabilizing 90% of the children in America since the 1830s.

Wake up America, your reality is not what is on TV, do not allow your government media complex to pacify and codify you into submission. If the congress can get away with attempting an unconstitutional tax arbitrary aimed at employees at AIG tomorrow it might be you.