Saturday, April 18, 2009

Carson on Galatians

O.K., I'm jacked up on Galatians study and information so you will be getting lots of nuggets about this blessed book of the Apostle Paul.

D.A. Carson offers this excellent set up for the study of Galatians-

This short letter has an importance out of all proportion to its size. There is always a tendency for people to think that their salvation (however it is understood) is something that is to be brought about by their own achievement. How they understand salvation may vary, and the kind of achievement they see as necessary may correspondingly vary. But that their eternal destiny rests in their own hands seems a truism, so obvious that it scarcely needs stating. Christianity has often been understood as nothing more than a system of morality, as the careful observance of a sacramental system, as conformity to standards, as a linking up with others in the church, and so on. There is always a need for Paul’s forthright setting out of the truth that justification comes only through faith in Christ. This must be said over against those who stress the importance of works done in accordance with the Torah or any other achievement of the sinner.

The Christian way stresses what God has done rather than what sinners do to bring about salvation. There can be no improvement on the divine action by any human achievement, by way of either ritual observance or moral improvement. The cross is the one way of salvation, and no part of Scripture makes this clearer than does Galatians.


Brandon Tattershall said...

It looks more like President Bush than it does Dr. Carson

Malcolm said...

I was very enlightened regarding legalism. We are often critical of the Pharisees when we read of them and how they abided the law. They are easy targets and we, or at least I do, pat ourselves on the back and say "oh those legalists, can't they see the grace and the saviour that is right in front of their eyes?" Yet when you went through your Jeff Foxworthy list of "you just might be a legalist if..." I was brought down to earth very quickly about how easy it is to rely on so many concepts, works, ideas, things, activities and on and on and on. My focus is on the cross as you do this exposition. Yes, I am at best, a recovering legalist.

Frontier Forest said...

I thought the picture and the caption was speaking of the great Carson! "Carnak the Magnificient!"