Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gay "marriage" issue

Perez Hilton is an extremely influential pop-blogger who is openly gay and an advocate of re-defining marriage. He is also the person who asked the Miss California contestant her thoughts on gay "marriage" which caused the huge dust up when she responded by saying marriage should be defined as between a man and a woman only.

Dennis Prager is a conservative talk show host whom I have never heard before.

Prager absolutely dismantles Hilton with clear logic. Any honest person has to admit there is no contest in this debate.


Frontier Forest said...

I agree! What an outstanding rational and easy flowing and non-condemning dialog! Why haven’t we ever heard of Dennis Prager before now? I am sure this Larry King spot will make his face and name well known. Calm, spoken in love and yet uncompromising, as well as downright convincing! I will do my part to send this out!

Rick Calohan said...

Once again the “Gay” Mafia no offense to the real “Mafia” has tried to influence the mores of America. Prop 8 has passed but instead of allowing the will of the people to stand they are challenging it in the courts, they have the backing of the California Attorney General Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown. They are dominating the airwaves with their sinful agenda. Praise God that Ms. California, Carrie Prejean in her words said, “I rather be Biblically Correct than Politically correct.”

Her answer, which suddenly has made her the center of both praise and scorn, included the words, "In my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised and that's how I think it should be – between a man and a woman."

Zach said...

When I lived in Atlanta, I used to listen to Dennis Prager's radio show every afternoon. He's also a pretty successful author, his most well-known work being a self-help book called Happiness is a Serious Problem--I read it a few years ago and remember liking it.

In general, his show is very solid--much like what you heard in this clip--however he has a few peculiarities that I found irksome. First, he is obsessed with cultivating happiness in himself and his listeners. The last hour of every show is called the "Happiness Hour", during which he drills down on how to be happier. I like happiness as much as the next guy, but focusing so heavily on it as an end-unto-itself seems contrived and ultimately misguided.

Second, I lost alot of respect for him when, a few years ago, he announced on the air that he and his wife of 15+ years were getting a divorce. She was already his second wife, and he has since re-married yet again. This despite the supposedly high view that he takes of marriage. I wonder if this marriage-hopping isn't the fruit of his over-emphasis on personal happiness. What was it that Keith Green said?

"You can run to the end of the highway, and not find what you're looking for. "

Anonymous said...

Carrie Prejean is a brave young woman and I love what she stated on the Today show that she would not take back what she said and that it probably was not meant for her to be crowned. Thank God for her witness.


Reepicheep said...

Bummer about Prager Zach. Sounds like he's following the Rush Limbaugh marital plan. His argument in this clip is rock solid, although he'll certainly be open to criticism about his advocacy of the institution of marriage while apparently showing little personal respect for it.

Rick Calohan said...

Speaking as one who has been divorced twice and married three times, I can not speak for Dennis or Rush but I can speak for myself. No one enters a marriage with the anticipation hopes and dreams of getting a divorce. I do not blame my ex wives completely there were times of good just as well as times of bad and the same can be said in any marriage. What holds a marriage together is when both parties acknowledge that what God has joined together let no man tear asunder and that a three chord knot (meaning God is in control and not you) will not untie itself.

My wife Dorothy was raised Roman Catholic and came to America on a fiancĂ©e visa. In order for us to married within the 90 day span we got married at the Johnson County courthouse by a judge who also is Navy Reserve Chaplain, the vows said were no different than in most churches. Before taking my wife’s hand in marriage when I proposed to her in the Philippines I made a promise to her mom to be married in the Catholic Church.

Three months into our marriage I went to St. Agnes to begin the annulment process on my two previous marriage (myself and both of ex-wives were protestant by the way) I did so because in order for my wife to partake in the Eucharist my annulments needed to be completed and also to maintain the promise to her mom for when we returned to Philippines to married in the Catholic Church.

My in-laws from Germany were returning to the Philippines for Christmas 2006, and so before you know it we too were planning the wedding and heading back to the Philippines. While trying to respect Catholic teachings I kept emphasizing that my annulments were not complete, my wife was never officially confirmed in the Catholic Church and yada… yada… yada. Well, long story short we had the Catholic Church Ceremony in December 2006, (my sister in law I know is going to purgatory according to Catholic teaching for lying to a priest or is that a mortal sin and she is going to hell?) my annulments were not finalized until March 2007. So I guess still in the eyes of Rome my current marriage is not valid.

By His Grace and by His Love my current and last marriage is the best and will never end! So before we judge Dennis and Rush just keep in mind not everybody enters a marriage with the prospects of getting a divorce and even if they do get a divorce it does not mean they can not speak on issues such as supporting the sanctity of traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

Zach said...


I don't think that Prager's actions tarnish the truth of what he says, but I can't pretend that they don't diminish my enjoyment in hearing him say it.

It would be wonderful if he finds in his new marriage as much success as you and Dorothy have enjoyed in yours.