Friday, April 17, 2009

RPC United wins AAIS Championship

Our church has an indoor soccer team that plays at All American Indoor Sports on Thursday nights. We're all old and...well...let's just say we're not in top shape anymore. The majority of our team is well above 35 and we're playing guys in their early 20's. Some how age and treachery managed to overcome youth and vigor as we won our 4th championship.

Beyond winning, we have a blast playing together. We even had some "fans" come out to cheer us on (to offset the nearly 50 horn-blowing Mexican fans cheering on their team)- Elder Steve Baker, Stacey Anderson, and Brian Johnson's father and sister. Pretty nice of them considering the game was at 10:25pm! I am sure such an act of devotion will garner them an extra crown in heaven.
We're getting new jerseys and logo's for next session. Brian Hough re-worked our old logo to incorporate 4 stars for our 4 championships (it's a soccer thing).


Frontier Forest said...

I would have been there except I was doing more spiritual things last night, like attending our Home Fellowship group. I realize the game was later, but after all I had “Chick-Flicks” at home to watch.
Seriously, congrats on the win! I know the Lord is glorified at each game! Especially when I think of the ways this most unique outreach has made a difference in the men’s lives. And for those on opposing teams, these men are seeing the Spirit of Christ, living large through the lives of so many of our Redeemed warriors! I think of this elect team, and the testimony of Brothers like Chico, and how his smile and passion for Christ reaches so many who need the Lord, WOW! Look at the brothers who are now attending Redeemer, because of the men on this team.

Qayaq said...

Have you ever played against a team called, "KCKFD"?

This is a team made up of people I work with.

Reepicheep said...

Erick, no, I don't think so. They have leagues every night and different divisions. We play in men's D on Thurs nights.

Rick Calohan said...

Congrats to the RPC United which is really starting to look more like the Manchester United!