Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2009 Tomatoes- in the ground

It's been a rainy Spring in Kansas making it hard to till and prep my garden for planting. I quick tilled it once on Monday night then raced today to till it again and get 7 tomato plants and 3 pepper plants in the ground before a possible storm hits. I'm a week later than I would have preferred, but thankful the bulk of my tomatoes are now in the ground. I will eventually plant 3-4 more tomato plants my father gives me. Also, the boys will plant their own selections next week some time.

For me, I only really care about the tomatoes. Mission accomplished.


Hough said...

So I put the rabbits inside the fence when I catch them?

Anonymous said...

This would be a great church project. A church garden, and all flock groups have their sections, as well as the Youth groups.
Looks great Tony.
It's so much fun to plant something and watch it take hold,care and tend to it and then the excitement to be able the pick and eat something that the Lord and you have had a hand in producing.

Frontier Forest said...

Looking good! Looks like you got some fine soil! See you got your manure at Lowe’s too! This will be the first year I will be really taking care of my garden. Kind of humble to feel like my Russian speaking brothers and sisters, “if they don’t plant it, they won’t eat it.”

Anonymous said...

I would like to know the dimensions of the garden. hXwXl


Rick Calohan said...

I will say this at least you were not wearing a flight suit when you wrote Mission Accomplished. I just hope the rabbit insurgences won’t keep you entrenched in your garden. I must say though I am quite impressed that even your tomatoes have their own privacy fence.