Monday, May 11, 2009

Disturbing Act

I haven't written about the Air Force One flyover of Manhattan, NY. Frankly, I'm just flabbergasted by the idiocy of the act. Instead of issuing a clear explanation and apologies, President Obama thought it was funny enough to joke about at last week's Press Dinner. Well, it's not all.

The video clip of scared citizens scurrying in fear bothers me all the more. I am afraid such an act reveals a deficient view of what happened to our country on 9/11.


Frontier Forest said...

Having already buried their ideologue heads in the sand, supporting and agreeing with any far left, liberal plan or person Obama has proposed, I wonder how many of these na├»ve Americans have completely forgotten about that horrible day when all of America was under siege by attacks from extreme Muslins? But we don’t want to offend anyone’s rights or save off another attack, so let’s just sit down and have a calm cup of terrorist tea and laugh it all off.

pjw said...

Right after this Air Force 1 incident, Glenn Beck said something about people in Kansas not understanding why New Yorkers would have been so frightened, but I think we certainly do understand. We weren't in a vaccuum out here that day. I can remember going to work, and people were standing around in little groups here and there talking in low voices and trying to figure out what happened and what was rumor and what was fact. And how all the airplanes were grounded, and we looked out the window and could see one lone airliner circling around waiting to land, and how quiet the skies were, and how heartbreakingly beautiful the weather was for the longest time, contrasting with the smoke rising from the ruins of the WTC at the same time. And the day when we had an evacuation drill and walking down 8 flight of stairs and thinking about the people trying to escape from the Towers. Not the same as being in NY during that time, but it had a definite impact, and I can't understand the idiocy of whoever really ordered that flight!

Rick Calohan said...

For me 9/11/01 was the day my dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer so not only do I remember the planes being crashed, the towers falling down, the Pentagon in flames, and a crater in Pennsylvania, but my dad who had lost balanced a week before depending on his only child to take care of him and my mom during what would be the longest 31 days in my life. By His Grace a Mighty Fortress is My God and through His Word we survived that day, but we will always remember, we will never forget, and this careless act of government abuse will not fade away.