Friday, May 22, 2009

Government enabled theft

-begin rant-

I have long been a "Chevy" man. I love classic Chevy muscle cars and happen to think they ruled the era from 1960 to 1975. I have a rebuilt small block Chevy 350 sitting in my garage waiting for a car to drop in. Of the 20 or so cars I have owned, 13 were GM.

I will never by a late model Chevrolet/General Motors product again. No one should.

-end rant-


Rick Calohan said...

I have owned in my life three cars, a used 1980 Ford Granada bought in 1992. A used 1986 Ford Thunderbird bought in 1993, and the only new car I ever bought and still drive as it approaches 148 thousand miles a 1999 Saturn SW1 station wagon. I know that soon a car will be purchased in our household. If my wife could buy the car of her choice it would be an Audi A4, however she is currently sold on a Chevy Cobalt.

I know that no American car is actually 100% American manufactured or has 100% American parts. My late father was a mechanic and told me these very young in my youth while my maternal Teamster uncle would go on about buying American.

Let’s face when Chrysler was sold to Daimler Benz it ceased to be an American Car Company. Now it is owned by CORBRIS which is nothing more than a group of money changers who have convinced the Congress and the Messiah that they need more taxpayer money even if now if you own a Chrysler you will have to Fix It at Tony’s (FIAT).

As for GM, it’s sad that an auto giant has fallen but in business only the strong survive. In every industry companies are bought and sold at whim. As long as the shareholders are happy is all that really matters.

I hope that I can persuade my wife when its time to buy her car to buy a Ford, not because I have loyalty to Ford over GM, but it is too easy to buy foreign. Despite Ford’s founder’s NAZI past, and a Foundation that gives to every conceivable human secularist liberal organization. At least Ford has refused bankruptcy at the taxpayers’ expense. So if you are going to buy American then buy a FORD.

Don’t get me wrong it is not to say the Mercedes, BMW, Toyota (Lexus), Nissan (Infinity), and Honda (Acura) and Mitsubishi automobiles are not good cars. They are and the American public has chosen them it seems overwhelming in recent years, I guess with the World War II generation fading away the stigma of German and Japanese automobiles means less and less. What the Germans and Japanese could not win in battle they have won in manufacturing and trade. For those who can’t afford them there are also the Korean Hyundai, Daewoo, and KIA, hey at least they were on our side in war. Soon there will be the TaTa from India and gosh knows what from China flooding our market.

Growing up on the Northeast side of Kansas City we saw a lot of factories and manufacturing jobs go overseas. It is hard to buy anything American. During the Carter years they bailed out Chrysler and they rebounded, hopefully the same will happen to the GM and Chrysler. However, keep in mind the leading causes of American Businesses going overseas are cheaper labor and less regulations. With no trade unions to contend with foreign car companies can save and reinvest $2,000 per unit on labor cost.

I have many Sony electronic entertainment products in my house, but only one of them was actually made in Japan. So this is not just an American problem. All I can say is don’t complain about American jobs going overseas while you drive your foreign car down the street if you don’t want your neighbors to lose their jobs and these companies to go under then buy their products!

Reepicheep said...

Our Toyota van was built in Kentucky.


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Rick Calohan said...

My contention is not that foreign automobile companies do not build cars here and hire American workers, I know that they do. The irony is that these foreign automobile companies are heavily subsidized by their governments; their workers are non-union and can take the two grand per unit savings for R&D, while American car companies can not compete because of corporate and UAW greed.

This article is a little dated but it is interesting if you want to find out how much your car is made in America.

and for 2009

Reepicheep said...

The UAW is one of the main reasons GM can no longer compete with Toyota.

Toyota makes a better product for less cost to them and they sell it for more than a GM.

Anonymous said...

I've owned Honda's for more than 20 years. Toyota and Honda are the tops in inports and a few years ago I purchased a Mercury Villager(basicly a Nissan product) It was ok,but at about 140,000 miles it started nickle and diming me to death. Larry can tell you I'm a fanatic about keeping up my cars. I've owned chevy, ford, and crysler and none of these cars hold up to the Toyota or Honda. I usually trade or sell my Honda when it has about 240,000 miles on it, haven't owned an American made car that last that long. My Dad had a Hudson Hornet that was the best built vehicle ever, they don't make cars like that any more.

Frontier Forest said...

Sorry, but being forced to join the United Union Carpenters local when I was a cabinet maker, I received the honor of paying union dues for one additional paid holiday and a 25 cents an hour raise! Observing union goons driving black Lincoln Continentals, smoking big cigars, playing their greedy games of winning by intimidation, I just don’t have much sympathy for those who have obnoxiously “demanded” themselves into condescending rolls of arrogant complacency. And looking back over the past few months, it’s the ridiculously overpaid higher-ups that seem now to be the real guilty parties. At first I wasn’t for bankruptcy because of the thousands of lateral supporting jobs. But if our once strong and entrepreneurial free enterprise is going to work, and it looks like it’s domed, everyone will need to re-tool and rethink. When politically correct government run systems take over, free enterprise dies. Results: When government steels creative ingenuity, destroying ambition from hardworking Americans…. who wins? You decide who is the real thief?

malcolm said...

Your Toyota van was "assembled" in Kentucky. Big difference from made or manufactured.

Reepicheep said...

No, actually quite a few of electronic parts were made in the US.

On the "manufactured" parts front there's hardly a vehicle- U.S. company produced or not- that uses many U.S. made parts any more.

By the way..I just bought a Ford yesterday...