Thursday, May 14, 2009

Great Post on "New" Calvinism

My friend Jim sent me the link for an excellent post by Kevin DeYoung. Note what DeYoung says-

The influence of Calvinism is growing because its God is transcendent and its theology is true.

What draws people to Reformed theology is the belief that God is the center of the universe and we are not, that we are worse sinners than we imagine and God is a greater Savior than we ever thought possible, that the Lord is our righteousness and the Lord alone is our boast.

The attraction of the New Calvinism is not Calvin, but the God Calvin saw—not some new fad, but something old with new life blowing through it from the Spirit of God.


Frontier Forest said...

Thanks Pastor’s Tony and Jim! Those are some mighty powerful and very timely comments from Reformer Kevin DeYoung. Providentially, at last night small group, one of our flock members was sharing about the “extreme” debate going on within the ranks of Southern Baptist leadership. Our brother made known this observation about Reformed Southern Baptist Pastor Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., who is now serving as the ninth president of the Southern Baptist Convention. “Dr Moheler is leading the debate for SB Pastors to be more opened towards Reformed theology. This is one of the biggest doctrinal controversies the Southern Baptists have ever faced.” Our brother went on to say, “With Reformed Baptist pastors like Dr Piper and Dr. Mohler leading this debate, our Southern Baptist brothers are finally realizing that taking a hard-line, legalistic stand, and being extremely verbal about “what they are against”, rather than what they are for, is not building up the body nor reaching the lost. So removing ole spiritual blinders and taking a closer examination of Reformed theology is offering the more fundamentalist a refreshing spiritual awakening.”

Reepicheep said...

Good words Woody. Thanks. For the record, John Piper isn't Southern Baptist, he's Baptist General Conference. He's shaking them up pretty good.

Rick Calohan said...

Excellent Post, I like to think we are Calvinist because God has CHOSEN us to be! ; )