Saturday, May 2, 2009

Luther on Galatians

Here's a gem from Luther's commentary on Galatians-

“While we live here on earth, we will be accused, exercised with temptations, oppressed with heaviness and sorrow, and bruised by the law with its demands of active righteousness. Because of this, Paul sets out in this letter of Galatians to teach us, to comfort us, and to keep us constantly aware of this Christian righteousness. For if the truth of being justified by Christ alone (not by our works) is lost, then all Christian truths are lost. For there is no middle ground between Christian righteousness and works-righteousness. There is no other alternative to Christian righteousness but works-righteousness; if you do not build your confidence on the work of Christ, you must build your confidence on your own work. On this truth and only on this truth the church is built and has its being.”


Rick Calohan said...

Luther’s Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians (1535) Translated by Theodore Graebner can be found here.

Calvin’s sermons on Galatians can be found here

I praise God that I can witness and hear your sermons Tony and look forward to the day that Felich’s sermon texts on Galatians are available online!

Frontier Forest said...

Powerful message on Galatians 1:10. Brought back memories to several of us now Redeemer folks of a past Biblical confrontation at our former place of worship. The question of compromise and tolerance, for the sake of growth, and unity to please man must never take prescience over standing for truth with grace. Feelings, circumstance, even life experiences can lead us down many dead-end roads. But God’s Word is our straight pathway of everlasting and eternal truth.

Dan said...

Just poked my head in for a few minutes. I love Reeicheep; just finished the series with my children.

Excellent post here, along with some others.