Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manny suspended, get ready for him to sing...

Major League Baseball suspended Manny Ramirez today for 50 games. He tested positive for an unspecified performance enhancing drug or drugs. Such an action on the part of Ramirez is the height of selfishness considering the current effort of MLB to rehab it's image after years of unchecked steroid usage among many of the league's top players. What fool would dare take a banned substance right now, with all the scrutiny? Only a self-absorbed egomaniac. Check EGOMANNYIAC!

Secondary fallout to the Ramirez situation will be a closer look at the practice of his former team, the Boston Red Sox. The New York Yankees have received a disproportionate amount of focus because of the revelations about some of their high profile players and because they're a New York team. Boston has escaped similar scrutiny for too long. All of MLB has been tainted by the steroid/PED free for all that spanned 1990-2005, but the Yanks have shouldered the condemnatory weight because of their annual success (which evokes widespread jealousy).

Now that Manny has been caught does anyone think this is his first use of PED's? Of course not. He was in Boston for 8 seasons. Now that the jig is up on Manny, I expect him to sing like a canary about the Boston years.

Finally some good news for the much beleaguered Yankee nation!!!


JON MEYERS said...

Disproportionate? Where there is smoke there is fire, el Felichio...

I will concede that MLB has swept this issue under the rug, and that the penalty should be much worse, such as fining the team or taking wins away. However, the Yankees have had the culture of winning at all costs for several years, and that kind of greed from a rich owner breeds the culture we have seen. You cannot vindicate the Yankees based on someone else's indiscretion. Cheating is cheating.

Your boy A-Rod better get ready for his suspension, as it seems that he may have not been truthfully about his indiscretions....Stay Tuned.

Reepicheep said...

All cheaters should pay the price. A-Rod or Manny or whoever. I say clean house.

As for the Yanks, they were an easy target to go after because of their locale and high profile dealers like Radomski and co. San Fran had a similar phenomena in BALCO. Mitchell could easily tracedown leads in NY, not so easy in smaller cities, etc. I'm not saying there aren't guilty Yanks, I'm just saying the focus on them has been disproportionate.

Manny will sing... can't wait to hear Boston's spin.

Hough said...

Did you see the Rays game last night? Awesome.

I support Jon's post completely he makes a good point and provided a link to the most valuable baseball info I've read in some time.

Manny will spin this just fine, doctor's fault, never touched the stuff, etc. MLB steriod list is like prison, everyone is innocent, nobody did the crime.

Hough said...

I just want to post again so my new avatar will show up.

Frontier Forest said...

I thought that picture of him kissing the bat was a kind of the unsung story? He better be kissing up to those who gave him the 50 game suspension. But unfortunately the fans will probably look the other way and forget all about his drug use and he be back making millions arrogantly kissing the rules and regulations good bye!

William said...
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Rick Calohan said...

Not going to jump on the Manny is guilty or innocent bandwagon roller coaster rides the media circus love to play. If he is guilty he should come forward.

To you Jon, my misguided brother in Christ, Grace and Peace to you in the name of the Lord. Did you not last Sunday get down on your knees and recite the Ten Commandments? Remember the one “Thou shalt not covet.”

I wish for my sake that all of you who despise the New York Yankees could see the error in your ways, and yet each year I must remind all you to stop the hating and be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Shall we begin…

By God’s eternal decrees have made it clear that the New York Yankees are God's Chosen Team. By Divine Providence, this franchise has won 26 World Series titles, 39 American League Pennants, 15 American League Eastern Division Titles, and 3 Wild Card Births since 1903. No other team in Major League Baseball can claim that.

By comparison, my second favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals. 10 World Series titles, 17 National League Pennants, 3 National League Eastern Division Titles, 7 Central Division Titles, 1 Wild Card Birth.

As for my third favorite, team the Kansas City Royals. One World Series title, 2 American League Pennants, 6 American League Western Division Titles.

(For Brother Jon) The Brooklyn could have been in Queens at Shea Stadium had they not left New York for La La Land Dodgers six World Series titles, twenty one National League Pennant, 10 National League Western Division Titles and 2 Wild Card birth, not bad for a team in existence twenty years before the Yankees.

(For Brother Brian) As for the Astros ZERO World Series titles, one National League Pennant, four Central Division Titles, two Western Division Titles, two Wild Card Titles.

To put it in even better perspective it would take the 10 Cardinals, 9 Athletics, and 7 Red Sox World Series Titles to equal the 26 New York Yankees Titles.

If you took the Dodgers 6, Reds 5, Pirates 5, Giants 5, Tigers 4 World Series titles they only equal 25.

If you took White Sox 3, Braves 3, Twins 3, Orioles 3, Marlins 2, Jays 2, Mets 2, Indians 2, Cubs 2, Angels 1, Diamondbacks 1, Royals 1, and Phillies 1 to equal the 26 New York Yankees World Series Titles. (OK I wrote this part last year before the Phillies won their second World Series title, which can only mean the Yankees #27th title will happen who knows maybe even this year!)

So before we go hating again you No, No, Nanette Sox (Which I believe Brother Jon is when the Dodgers have an off year) fans Alex “A-Roid” Rodriguez was accused of juicing while with the Texas Rangers and not with the New York Yankees. In February 2009, Rodriguez admitted to using banned substances from 2001 to 2003, citing "an enormous amount of pressure to perform".

If we are going to start stripping titles and records during this Steroid Era that is fine by me, because the Yankees will still have the most World Series Titles, and Roger Maris will still hold the single season home run mark at 61.
As for Yankees during Steinbrenner's ownership, from 1973–2008, the longest in club history, the Yankees have earned 10 pennants and six World Series titles. Meaning that before Steinbrenner the Yankees had 29 American League Pennet 21 World Series titles under their belt.
To sum it all up for you misguided Yankee Haters:
The Yankees have won a leading 26 World Series in 39 appearances (which, since the first World Series in 1903, currently amounts to an average appearance every 2.7 seasons and a championship every 4.0 seasons); the St. Louis Cardinals are second with ten World Series victories. The Yankees' number of World Series losses, 13, also leads in Major League Baseball, with the New York/San Francisco Giants coming in at second place with 12. The Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers are second in total World Series appearances with eighteen; eleven of those eighteen appearances have been against the Yankees, where the Dodgers have gone 3-8 against them.[32] Among North American major sports, the Yankees' success is only approached by the 24 Stanley Cup championships of the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League. They have played in the World Series against every National League pennant winner except the Houston Astros and the Colorado Rockies, a feat that no other team is even close to matching.
Through 2008, the Yankees have an all-time regular season winning percentage of .567 (a 9472-7235 record), the best of any team in baseball.